20+ Top Notch Gaming WordPress Themes April 2017

With WordPress radiation hitting many gaming enthusiasts, there have been many developments recently to support their platform. It’s not the question of experience anymore, anyone with creative ideas can give a high class presentation.

Any one of the templates below will give you the best possible chance of showcasing your ideas in the best possible manner. These are traffic generation highly responsive WordPress themes which will give your gaming blog and websites a great view to look at.

20+ Best Gaming WordPress Themes 2017



Primarily aimed at the beginners with great ideas so that they can get a head start to their exposure. This amazing theme can be personalized extremely easily to match your vision. With the Visual Composer built in the demo, it allows the user to twist and turn the looks of your website.

Everything is very distinct, from the sidebar which supports easy scrolling to every post separately classified according to the number of comments and the amount of love it received. Possibility is that GoodLife can make that one change required to give your gaming website a head start to its journey ahead.

You can purchase the full version of the theme from the link given below.



Soledad, if used properly can become one of the most bad-ass gaming WordPress themes. It has amazing gallery options, many configuration options for lightboxes, sidebar and different layouts that makes it an ideal platform for anyone to experiment his or her creativity.

The games can be showcased in a unique manner designed by your creativity. The theme is very responsive and hugely helps in generating traffic. To conclude in few words, Soledad is a clever, modern, fashionable, user-friendly and engaging theme for anyone.

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You can find everything you need in this amazing gaming WordPress theme. Blackfyre makes it very easy for the users to manage the clan chats or forums where multiple users can talk about their game experiences and queries.

With the BuddyPress and bbPress plug-ins installed, the theme allows every user to have a separate profile and also gives the power to create and manage the team of other users. Other third party WordPress plug-ins include WooCommerce, Visual Composer and WMPL to give your website a full-fledged finishing.

Its extensive use of front-end forms ensure that the registering, logging in and creating a new profile is simple and engaging. Get this unique WordPress theme from the link below.




GameZone is the WordPress themes designed for the professional gamers who like to share their game experiences, walkthroughs, guides and templates. The theme gives an open hand to the users to showcase their ideas in a modern interface.

There are many different customizing options including color, typography and widget areas. The theme also supports other custom options like auto image resizing, video lightbox and Java-script enabled tabs. All in all, this is a great theme for your website to have a cutting edge display.

Get the full premium version from the link below.



YouPlay, as a gaming theme has one of those abilities where it can turn your website into a high class gaming destination. It leaves the visitors in awe as the image gallery is very high detailed and gives a very realistic view.

The theme is designed quite differently than the other themes available. Instead of the regular rectangular and square boxes used to display widgets, blogs and other things, the theme goes for an off-centre display, which might not sound too great but gives a great visual effect alternatively.

Features like parallax scrolling and Slider Revolution are included to give a depth to the website. Also, Visual Composer plug-in is included so that the user can modify their website in all aspects. You can control other custom options like color, layout, fonts, logos and more from the control panel.

YouPlay can be more than just a theme, if used effectively. To get the theme follow the link below.





CrystalSkull is totally packed with features that will help you create any type of gaming website you want. Anyone with an interest in a specific games or type of games can create an online community or review site.

With the community builder WordPress plug-in and bbPress WordPress plug-in will make it extremely easy for you to build an online community for gamers. There are many other add-on plug-ins that will extend your websites features to a whole new level.

Design the perfect website where you can gather visitors sharing the same interest. CrsytalSkull is sure to increase the traffic on your website to a great level. Get the full premium version of the theme now.





NewsGamer is the perfect news blog or magazine type WordPress theme focused extensively on gaming. Anyone with interest in gaming can create an interesting news blog related to gaming very easily.

The wide range of features allow customizing of the website very easily. The category layout builder tool can be found with the theme to design and choose different layouts for your categories giving out the impression of a real magazine.

For even more creative ones, the Visual Composer tool is included with the theme package as a premium plug-in tool. Creating designs from scratch for your page is not a problem at all, everything can be done using the simple drag and drop user interfaced options, which makes things a lot easy.

You can find more custom options in control panel. NewsGamer has everything you need in order to become a successful gaming news blogger. Buy this amazing theme from the link below.




SanFrancisco was designed to suit the needs of a gaming geek, who would love to share content, post reviews and publish newsletters in the gaming field. The theme is very flexible and you can also import elements from your demo to your website, which adds a plus point to this theme.

Thanks to the page builder tool, customizing the website is not time wasting. Modifying the looks of your site and functions can be effectively managed from the theme option panel.

Moreover, the FlexAds feature is included within the theme to manage and control the adverts on your website, another plus point to this theme. Everything is quite easy to manage in this theme and could be a very good choice among the other WordPress themes available in the market.

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Whether you are creating a gaming blog, a review site or an online store, Kappa can be considered as a good choice in any of the above scenarios. The theme is built freestyle and all the necessary things are included in order to provide the best ever support.

The theme comes with the free version of WooCommerce, which means that if you want to sell your gaming products online, your store would be up and running in no time. There is also a page builder tool, animated slide show creator and much more included for a handy experience.

Adding to the benefits, there is also an integrated review and rating system you can find within the theme making it easy for anyone to create their own criteria and rate the sections.

Kappa is a revolutionary WordPress theme which is highly responsive and easy to manage. With this, you finally might be able to generate enough traffic for your website. Get the full premium version from the link below.


Game Addict



Just as the name suggests, this theme was designed exclusively for gaming activities, clan games to be precise. The theme allows anyone to create and manage clan wars, teams, maps, etc.

This is a unique idea and is quite hugely appreciated by strategic gamers. The theme is generally set with a very dark background, but there are unlimited customizing options from where you can select the most suitable color for your website.

Game Addict also comes with drag and drop page builder tool for easy page customizing, a slider, a gallery option, a very good rating system and is completely WooCommerce ready.

If this sounds like an ideal theme for your website, purchase it from the link below.





Known to be the best selling gaming WordPress theme, Newspaper offers many features that will make your website outstanding. The theme is designed to fit perfectly in any size of screen and it is also fully integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. This theme can be the one theme that you are looking to give the right look too your website. Get the full version from the link below.






With a slender code and built on Twitter’s own Bootstrap, Malabar has the fastest framework for anyone to build a high quality website in no time. It is an extremely responsive website theme with ten different homepage layouts to give your website total uniqueness. It also has the page builder tool integrated allowing the user to freely customize their website. Enjoy the full version of the theme below.




SevenMag is a modern and a flexible theme for any website. With the option to control many things in website, it gains popularity as a very user friendly website theme. You can personalize every sector of the theme, which can display contents in the best quality no matter the size of the screen. Get the latest version of the theme from the link below.




This little gaming theme has a lot in store. Designed for gaming geeks, this theme gives a total power over the website’s customization and layout. One can easily showcase his or her interest in the gaming category and create clans and forums to discuss the topics with hundreds of other gamers with similar interest.




A simple, sleek and modern website theme for creative gamers. Creating communities, clans and forums has never been easier. This website theme works great even with or without BuddyPress or bbPress plug-ins. It is quite an ideal theme for low spec games and mobile games, but there is always room for creativity.




Developed by an Elite Author, this theme has e=been receiving love for over four years now. The theme has the power to showcase your game trailers, images and gameplays in a completely new manner. It is feature rich and there is plenty of room for experimenting your creative ideas. This theme can renovate your website into an ideal platform where gamers can view, share, rate and comment on their own favorite games and series.




A theme developed only to stand with the best. Unlike others, this theme has completely different features and comes with a totally new style to give a profound look to your website. Explicit comes with Ajax-powered Mega Menu, Infinite loaders and Ajax sorting and Paging feature. Taking the road less travelled, this theme is ahead of many available in the market. Get the full version from the link below.




Not the best in the market but has its own unique image as a gaming website. Although the theme’s dark style was not only focused on the gaming but also other things like gadgets, sports and cars, this theme takes on popularity as a gaming theme. You can get the theme from the link below.




A sweet and simple theme for the gamers out there. The theme has the ability to embed videos easily and also comes with a star reviewing system. Also, the theme includes automatic thumbnail resizing and there are two layout options to choose from. This minimal featured theme will help your website be up and running in no time. Get the full version of the theme from the link below.



This is a magazine type theme and works well for the sites which have lot of contents to organize. The theme is designed very simple and just as it name suggests, is mainly used to display the information of all kinds. It can be considered as a geeky website theme, but works well for showcasing the knowledge about different games and categories. Get the full version of the theme from the link below.




The theme is specially designed for gaming review and rating purposes. It has a rating system, slider, five color scheme and custom homepage option. Buy the theme from the link below.


Every gaming WordPress theme on the list is an outstanding option. These themes have made it to the top with their designs and rich features and are quite capable of getting some fame your way. Let me know which one of the above WordPress themes was the most suitable for your website and why in the comment section below.