tips to gain blogging trust

4 Tips To Gain Blogging Trust


Believe it or not, you can gain the trust of your blog readers quickly if you do things with a loving, clear, fun energy.

Unfortunately, most bloggers have a terrible time gaining the trust of their readers because they do things with a fearful, unclear, strained energy.

Inspiring your readers to trust you boosts your blog traffic and profits over the long term.

Follow these tips to gain blogging trust.

tips to gain blogging trust

Tips to Gain Blogging Trust

1: Share Failures and Successes

Share your blogging successes and failures to be transparent.

Transparent bloggers shares wins, losses and everything in between.

People trust human beings who prove they are human by sharing their failures, struggles and losses.

But in the same vein, people want you to share your victories too, so your blog doesn’t turn into an extended pity party.

Don’t just share wins, victories and brilliant successes because new bloggers may have a terrible time relating with endless wins when they are having a tough time with everything, blogging-wise. List a few of your worst mistakes. Explain how you corrected these errors. Help your readers cut their learning curve and allow your followers to connect with you because you will prove that you are human and fallible, just like them.

2: Write in Your Voice

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document.

Practice writing in private to gain the trust of your readers in a public setting.

Writing in your authentic blogging voice is a simple way to inspire readers to know, like and trust you. Publishing in your one-of-a-kind voice makes you stand out from all other bloggers in your niche, instantly adding credibility to your blog.

On the flip side of things, one of the quickest ways to lose the trust of your readers is by trying to mimic well known bloggers. Nothing feels more uncomfortable than trying to read a blogger who is obviously trying to be someone else.

Be you.

Allow your personality to bleed through your blog and brand.

Gain blogging trust by writing in your voice.

Stand out in your niche.

3: Invest in a Domain and Hosting

Invest in a domain and hosting.

Spend money to create a more credible, trusted website.

Going the free hosting route is the road to blogging ruin. Few readers trust information shared through a free blogging platform because the very domain name of the blog tells readers to stay away.

Would you trust news from Of course not.

But is a different story because the company owns the domain and conveys a professional, trusted image through the properly branded domain name.

Like buying a premium theme – the next tip – buying your domain and hosting is a cheap, easy way to gain blogging trust.

4: Invest in a Premium Theme

Conveying a professional brand image is an easy way to gain the trust of your readers.

Pay for a premium theme to lay the foundation for building a professional looking brand.

If readers see a cheap, free theme associated with your blog you tend to lose credibility quickly.

Be a pro. Even before you are a pro. Plunk down money to gussy up your blog. Create a more trustworthy blog and brand through the simple act of investing in a premium theme.

Do you want to take things up 10 notches? Pay a developer to create a custom, bespoke theme for your blog.

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Your Turn

How are you inspiring readers to trust your blog?

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