best free magazine wordpress theme

35+ Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes 2017

Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Everything is digital in today’s generation, even the magazine you read. People now are looking for faster and convenient ways to keep up with their weekly magazine and that is through internet. What information you can find in physical magazines which you buy from the stores can also be found in these online magazines, only more.

For this reason, many individuals and organizations are trying to build their own online magazine where people can read daily happenings and share similar interests. However, in order to build a cutting edge online magazine, you need themes that will bring out the best in your website.

Luckily, I happened to compile a solid list, whose listings might the best options you have.

best free magazine wordpress theme


GreatMag Magazine Theme

GreatMag is one of the favorite themes for people who want to build an online magazine website for free. The theme is feature rich and you get the Page Builder to customize your theme without any coding knowledge. You get four different page layouts, 800 Google Fonts and Google Adsense is also linked with the theme.

News Anchor magazine theme

The NewsAnchor magazine type WordPress theme has a very clean and modern interface. The theme has a responsive layout and built-in social media buttons. Moreover, there are plenty of page template options, 600 Google fonts and also contains many front-page widgets to display your content in style.


IsleMag is one of the best magazine themes you can get in the WordPress platform. It has a very attractive design and a highly responsive layout. It is easy to customize with lot of features and one can display the logo of the brand out in front where everyone can appreciate it.


Hiero is one of the few WordPress themes which are described as both minimalist and stylish. The theme is nicely packed with custom widgets, threaded comments and eye-catching color options. It has a very responsive design which is easy to load on any size of the screen.


The Fashionista theme is developed by the master theme developer AThemes and has a very modern, clean and an attractive design. The theme is amazingly simple with black and white components and there is plenty of room for creativity. You get to have threaded comments, featured images and also favicon upload.

Hueman – Best Magazine WordPress Theme

The Hueman theme is a greatly appreciated magazine WordPress theme due to its ability to provide high quality images, highly responsive and amazing layouts for ideal magazine interface. There are endless custom opportunities and you get to choose from 10 different type of post formats and unlimited colors.

Dynamic News Lite

Dynamic News Lite is an impressive WordPress theme with impressive layout, featured content slider and strong color options. This is a right theme for your competitors and brings out the best in your content. It also includes social media buttons, a search bar and nice looking modules.


Codilight Lite

The Codilight Lite theme is one of the strong magazine themes which are perfect for any industry type online platform. With a sleek design and modern features, this theme is nicely laid out. This highly responsive theme fits on any device, has threaded comments and also has translation included.


ColorMag is one the famous themes with great reviews from its users. It has a bundle of features and a nicely laid out design. It is integrated with Google Ad and there is a custom menu that is placed right under the header. Also, you don’t actually need to know coding to manage this exciting theme.


EasyMag definitely gives what people need. It’s free and comes with two different menus to choose from. It has ad slots, a sizeable slidebar and plenty of space for your contents. EasyMag is a high powered theme and helps display your social links to the event.


Courage is one of those underrated WordPress themes. However the theme is capable of managing things just like any other top rated magazine theme. It has plenty of space to showcase your content and extremely easy settings which can be managed by anyone.


Resolution excels in its design and has an attractive layout to begin with. The theme can be easily customized and anyone even without the coding knowledge can manage the theme easily. It also features multiple columns and interesting color highlights to make content interesting.

MH Magazine Lite

MH Magazine Lite is one of the high rated WordPress themes. It has an impressive layout and gives the owner the power to move around and place the content which matters the most on top. There is a paid version of this theme too, so if you like the free version you can always upgrade it.


Gadgetry is a theme developed and aimed towards showcasing tech related content, therefore it is obvious that it will support tech related magazine. The theme offers large product images, a full slider and social media buttons to share your content across the internet.


JustWrite is a very simple theme with impressive design and a responsive layout. The theme does not include too much of settings and controls to play with, but that’s what makes it special. It is lightweight, responsive and powerful enough to manage a good online magazine.

MH Newdesk Lite

MH Newdesk Lite is an excellent theme if you are looking to build an online magazine website which displays the hottest news in the best manner. The modern and flat design do well to bring uniqueness and you can upgrade to the premium version anytime.


Semicolon happens to be one of the cleanest WordPress themes on the market. The design is minimalist and there is not much to worry about changing and modifying. You can mainly focus on the quality content and the best way to showcase it on your website.


Poseidon is one of the biggest WordPress themes. This theme has a lot of space for your content to fit and also add good social media buttons for easy share. The design is very elegant, a wide screen layout and there is a primary blog customizer too, using which you can customize your website.

Silk Lite Theme

Silk Lite Theme is one a unique theme and has a very professional look and feel to it. This theme includes a custom menu for making changes as you like and threading comments which makes sure that all your visitors can leave their comments behind.


SuperMag stands out due to its excellent colors and impressive design. The theme has so much to offer and is one of the hottest themes in the market. It comes with social media integration, AdSense and also threaded comments. SuperMag has a classy finish which can easily generate a good amount of traffic.


Portal is an excellent theme developed by MyThemeShop and is a minimalist magazine theme. There are a lot of features but the one that stands out is that the theme is SEO friendly. This theme is exciting and lightweight, perfect to promote any online event of your choice.


The Magazine is known as one of the professional WordPress themes. The theme has many features and projects a clean and clear image giving total focus on displaying the content uniquely. It is very easy to move around things, upload your own logo and expand your magazine to multiple streams.


ComboMag is an excellent WordPress magazine theme with a stunnig full-width layout, social media buttons and large featured images. There are unlimited color options, 600 Google fonts, custom widgets and large featured images to bring in visitors.


Unique is a very powerful WordPress theme with the ability to create a website which will excel as an online magazine. It is highly mobile responsive, has six dynamic layouts and three menu locations. The theme is considered to be one of the best in its fields.


Rowling is an underrated WordPress magazine theme, slowly gaining popularity. The theme is fully mobile responsive, has good colors and elegant design, quick social media buttons and a gallery post format who likes to flaunt visuals more.

NewsPress Lite

NewsPress Lite is a WordPress theme advertizing itself as multipurpose, but actually suits great for newspaper and magazine websites. To start with, the theme is highly responsive and can load easily on any screen size, a powerful header, place for logo and a large slider.


Surfarama is obviously extreme sport style magazine theme. It shouts out its interest in extreme sports and flaunts its content in an impressive and attractive layout. There are good visuals, supports high quality images, has a good design and very easy to publish and manage various articles.


Ribbon comes with a full width display, which allows its user to have plenty of space to see high quality images and quality content. The theme is SEO friendly to move up in the search engine, has excess of white space and a translation ready platform to reach out different regions of the world.

Rubine Lite

Rubine Lite speaks all about simplicity. It is an amazing WordPress magazine theme with extremely simple controls and a charming design. The theme is highly responsive completely supporting every screen size out there. Rubine Lite gives a professional experience in a very simple manner.

News Max Light

News Max Light shows promising future from the beginning itself. It has an impressive template ready to get started online and connect to the world. It is a feature rich WordPress theme and one of the outstanding feature is the Trending Now widget which will guide your viewers to hottest news straight.


Avante is an amazing WordPress free theme which performs exactly like a professional theme for which you have to pay $40. The template is so flexible that it can not only be used for magazine type websites but also for any other purpose like business or corporate.


Oxygen is a highly responsive WordPress theme with a single focus of providing a handy tool for online magazines. This is a lightweight theme and there is a featured content slider included making it easy to share images, articles and much more.


The Great theme provides a very interactive platform for anyone to create an engaging online magazine website. You can use this free theme on unlimited websites and with the theme being SEO and speed optimized, you are more likely to move up the search engine ranks fast.

Top Mag

The Top Mag WordPress theme is a very handy choice if you are looking for a free magazine theme. The theme has many custom options for your logo and there is wide choice of colors for branding purpose. This fully responsive theme has an user friendly interface and is very easy to manage.


BresponZive theme is a great choice for small blogs and magazine websites. The theme has a lot of options to customize and is highly responsive to fit any screen. With just two columns and social media buttons to worry about, the theme has very easy controls.

Forceful Lite

Forceful Lite is one of the themes with a unique design on this list. There are several modules to move around and fit the content perfectly on the screen. You can connect your social media accounts, display weather conditions, promote ads and display your favorite articles at the top of the homepage.

Individuals with a dream to have a popular online magazine are growing rapidly. They want to let the world know the latest happening and in a very unique way. You can create your own unique website with any one of the WordPress magazine themes above. Also, let us know which of these themes you loved the most in the comment section below.