Can’t able to decide which shared hosting is best for you. Due to similar features you might confuse in between fastcomet and siteground.

but in this post, I’m going to pick all minor as well as major differences in between them. So you can decide the best one according to your need.

When you are searching for a budget shared hosting. Then you might fall into the trap of lucative pricing. In the web you may found 100 of websites whose are offering afforable shared hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

But honestly most of them are useless. after purchasing you will see long downtime, excess bandwidth usage problem etc.

Fastcomet and siteground are the reputed webhosting providers over the year. both of these two webhosting provider not only offer shared hosting but also offer wordpress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting etc.

lets compare these two hosting provides from top to bottom.

Fastcomet vs Siteground

fastcomet vs siteground

Fastcomet vs Siteground Shared hosting Comparison

Both of these two hosting providers are offer 3 different types of shared hosting plans. Where every higher plans comes with more storage, more bandwidth, more advance features and higher ticket price.

Fastcomet hosting features
Siteground Advance features
Siteground hosting features
FeaturesFastcomet Shared HostingSitegroud Shared Hosting
Hosted WebsitesFastcloud – Single Website
Fastcloud Plus – Unlimited Websites
Fastcloud Extra – Unlimited Websites
Start up – Single Website
GrowBig – Unlimited Websites
Go geek – Unlimited Websites
Storage SpaceFastcloud – 15 GB SSD
Fastcloud Plus – 25 GB SSD
Fastcloud Extra – 35 GB SSD
Start up – 10 GB SSD
GrowBig – 20 GB SSD
Go geek – 40 GB SSD
Unique Visits Per Month(*)Fastcloud – 25,000
Fastcloud Plus – 50,000
Fastcloud Extra – 100,000
Start up – 10,000
GrowBig – 25,000
Go geek – 100,000
Free Cloudflare CDNYesYes
Free SSLYesYes
Daily BackupsYesYes
Website Transfer1-3 Free website transfer depend on packageCan be done through plugins
No. Of Data Centers116
layers of caching and website optimizationYesYes
Money Back Guarantees45 Days30 Days
(After applying discount)
Fastcloud – $2.95/month
Fastcloud Plus – $4.45/month
Fastcloud Extra – $5.95/month
Start up – $6.99/month
GrowBig – $9.99/month
Go geek – $14.99/month
Get Fastcomet Shared HostingGet Siteground Shared Hosting
* Its Represent the no of visitors your hosting can accommodate. Its merely a point of reference, rather than a restriction.

These are the basic differences between Fastcomet shared hosting and siteground shared hosting.

From the above table, you can see there are significant differences between Hosting space, unique visitors, and pricing. Where unique visitors and pricing are the major difference.

But the big advantage is they are using SSD storage, means you will get 1000x better speed compare to regular webspace.

These are the few things that you should ask before buying any shared hosting ?

  • How many websites you can host ?
  • How much webspace you will get ? ( if they offers unlimited webspace then check their resource limit)
  • Check kind of web space type they offer ? ( as we know SSD storage give better performance)
  • Check is their any free domain name available or not ?
  • Check no of website transfer they offer ?
  • Check no of available server location ?
  • What kind of sever reliability and up time score they offer ?
  • What are their backup policy ?
  • How responsive is their customer service and tech support ?

With these don’t forget to check the renewal price. As most of the Webhosting providers are offer 60%-80% for their new customers. So check renewal price and buy long term hosting package for more savings.

Let’s answer all the above questions

How many websites you can host ?

Both of the hosting providers are offer unlimited hosting with their upgraded plans. ( Unlimited means you can cross their storage space limit).

How much web space you will get? ( if they offer unlimited web space then check their resource limit)

Both of the web hosting Providers are offered limited resources. but they offer SSD hosting for faster accessibility.

Check is their any free domain name available or not ?

Both of these two hosting providers isn’t offer any free domain name. Where as fastcomet is offering new domain name registration at $9.95 ( Renewal will be $10.95/month) and siteground is offering at $15.95/month.

Check no of website transfer they offer ?

Fastcomet is offering 1-3 websites transfer free of cost ( no of transfer depends on package that you brought) . After that you can use free plugin like Migrate Guru to migrate your site within few minutes.

In case of siteground they have a migrator plugin to do that task. If you are not comfortable with that then you can use the above plugin.

Check no of available server location ?

In fast comet their are 11 different server location where as in siteground there are 6 distinct server location.

What kind of sever reliability and up time score they offer ?

In paper, Fastcomet is offering 99.9% up time and Siteground is offering 99.99% up time. According to mathematics siteground has slight higher uptime compare to fastcomet. But as a user of both hosting, I never saw any down in both of the hosting from last 2 years.

Through this tool, You can check how much downtime you will face in 99.9% and 99.99% uptime.

What are their backup policy ?

Fastcomet is offering 7 backup with their fastcloud and fastcloud plus plans and 30 backup with their fastcloud extra plan. In case of siteground, they offer daily backup with their each and every plan. As well as they offer on demand backup with their growbig and gogeek plan.

How responsive is their customer service and tech support ?

Both of the web hosting providers have excellent customer support. I personally got 5-15 min waiting with fastcomet as well as siteground hosting. But in their VPS and Dedicated hosting plan customer service and tech support is comparatively faster.

Fastcomet support
Siteground Customer support

So from the above head to head comparsion between fastcomet and siteground. You can clearly see the difference between both hosting provides and you can determine why fastcomet shared hosting is edged over siteground shared hosting.

Fastcomet vs Siteground Cloud hosting Comparison

After comparison between shared hosting, here are the comparison between both hosting providers cloud hosting.

Unlike shared hosting here fastcomet and siteground are offering 4 different cloud hosting packages.

FeaturesFastcomet Cloud HostingSitegroud Cloud Hosting
CoreCloud 1 – 1 x 2.50GHz Core
Cloud 2 – 2 x 2.50GHz Core
Cloud 3 – 4 x 2.50GHz Core
Cloud 4 – 6 x 2.50GHz Core
Entry – 2 CPU Cores
Business – 4 CPU Cores
Business Plus – 6 CPU Cores
Super Power – 8 CPU Cores
RAMCloud 1 – 2 GB RAM
Cloud 2 – 4 GB RAM
Cloud 3 – 8 GB RAM
Cloud 4 – 16 GB RAM
Entry – 4 GB RAM
Business – 6 GB RAM
Business Plus – 8 GB RAM
Super Power – 10 GB RAM
SSDCloud 1 – 50 GB SSD
Cloud 2 – 80 GB SSD
Cloud 3 – 160 GB SSD
Cloud 4 – 320 GB SSD
Entry – 40 GB SSD
Business – 60 GB SSD
Business Plus – 80 GB SSD
Super Power – 120 GB SSD
Data TransferCloud 1 – 2 TB
Cloud 2 – 4 TB
Cloud 3 – 5 TB
Cloud 4 – 8 TB
Entry – 5 TB
Business – 5 TB
Business Plus – 5 TB
Super Power – 5 TB
Free SSLYesYes
Daily BackupsYesYes
Money Back Guarantees7 Days30 Days
(After applying discount)
Cloud 1 – $35.97/month
Cloud 2 – $41.97/month
Cloud 3 – $53.97/month
Cloud 4 – $83.97/month
Entry – $80/month
Business – $120/month
Business Plus – $160/month
Super Power – $240/month

If you saw an edging difference between fastcomet shared hosting and siteground shared hosting. Then ready for bigger difference in their cloud hosting. From core, Ram, storage, bandwidth to pricing in all segment fastcomet is way ahead than siteground.

Both of these two hosting providers support one-click upgrade as well as a downgrade. But siteground has one advantage i.e, in your cloud account, you can host your own client. Siteground account management interface gives you the power to create multiple sub-accounts under your cloud account. Even you can give access to your client in their respective control panel.

Other wise both host providers offer similar kind of service. But you will see more prioritize customer service compare to their shared hosting customer service.

Fastcomet Vs SiteGround Dedicated Hosting

Fastcomet also has a dedicated CPU hosting plan whereas Siteground has an Enterprise hosting plan. These are the most expensive package from both of the hosting provider. Where as fastcomet dedicated CUP hosting has packge with boundation but in siteground you can choose hosting as you want. They will provide personal account manager, skype support, etc.

Not only regular hosting siteground but also offer white label reseller hosting with their Grow big, go geek, cloud hosting.

Fastcomet Vs Siteground Uptime Score

Both of these hosting providers have a good record of their uptime score. On paper, Siteground uptime score is slightly ahead over fast comet hosting. But as a user, I never saw any downtime fast years.


So by viewing above comparison you can see fastcomet shared hosting and cloud hosting is way ahead in the race. but in case of dedicated hosting and reseller hosting siteground is ahead in the race. So choose hosting according your need.