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Best Directory WordPress Themes 2017

If you are interested in creating an online directory, then the best platform for you to create a website on is WordPress. Speaking about WordPress, there are plenty of WordPress themes, which will help you enhance your website to its best.
No matter what type of directory website you want to establish, themes for WordPress always have features, utilities, plug-ins and what not that will help you create your dream website. I have compiled a list of best directory WordPress themes below, select the one which is most suitable for your idea.

30+ Best Directory WordPress Themes 2017

Directory Engine

Directory Engine is a theme developed by the famous theme developer EngineThemes itself, which is widely famous for developing purpose built themes. You can find full Ajax support and a very user friendly interface where you can easily drag and drop to give your website the look you want. The theme supports high quality images, large videos, sliders and much more.


Listify is a carefully designed a very elegant theme. It is totally built for directory and listing type websites. Listify is fully packed with features and have many useful utilities like Open Table, Resurva, Guestful and WooCommerce. There are so many features and custom widgets to play around with.


Listable is a very efficient, professional and sophisticated theme. There are features which you can use to easily customize the entire page layout or create your own page layout easily. Absolutely no coding experience is required to manage this theme, plus there are a lot of premium plug-ins available within the theme.


This Directory is designed AIT themes, a very popular theme manufacturing organization. The idea with Directory works is very unique as you can list out companies, shops, websites and much more on the website using this theme. The theme is very easily manageable and customizable. Also, Directory is by far the best selling WordPress theme.


SpotFinder is a child theme exclusively developed by Templatic. The theme is very user friendly and will help every visitor on the website to navigate easily and find what they are looking for without any problems. Every widget is carefully designed and the layout gives a unique and colorful picture in mind.


Designed based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 framework, Javo is a very impressive and a modern directory WordPress theme. Javo is highly responsive and can easily load regardless of the size of the screen. Visual Composer is included in the package for easy customization and a Slider Revolution to give a moving effect.


Superlist is a well thought WordPress theme. Everything here is nicely designed and portrays cleanliness and professionalism. Superlist offers many premium plug-ins and features that you can use to shape the page layout that your heart desires. Personally, Superlist is a very effective WordPress theme and can surely generate quite a good amount of traffic on your website.

Point Finder

Point Finder is a vast, resourceful and a very efficient WordPress directory theme. Its splendid navigation and highly responsive attitude has well supported many enthusiasts willing to develop a directory website. The Visual Composer is already present and there is absolutely no need to learn coding for managing this theme.


Hermes is a wealthy theme with very rich features, fonts, templates and page layouts to choose from. The theme is greatly known for its travel blogging capabilities but it is also a great choice for listing places, local businesses, buildings, landmarks and what not. Hermes has a lot of custom options to play with and hence is very easily managed.

Business Directory

Developed by the famous Templatic, Business Directory is yet another elegant theme designed by them. The theme serves its purpose righteously and gives complete control in the user’s hand. Business Directory is a very flexible and engaging theme with plenty of features to experiment with.


Splendor was exclusively designed to serve the purpose of a directory theme. It is quick and ready to be installed because of the “Easy Installing” feature introduced. Splendor is also very highly responsive and hence works great on PC, laptop or any other device with any screen size. The custom widgets are also present to give a better look to your website.


DirectoryS is a clean, fresh and newly cut WordPress theme. The theme is retina ready and displays complete details in any screen regardless of its size. DirectoryS also offers unlimited options for colors and topography along with unlimited sidebars to help the visitor explore the website freely.


PostAds is mainly intended for fulfilling the purpose of posting classified ads. However, all the shops, hospitals, buildings, etc. can be listed with the help of the same. The theme is full of rich features and premium plug-ins which include WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Bootstrap.


Evantum is a carefully executed theme, with proper grid lines at its place. The theme has a practical event installed using which any user can create an event which everyone else can follow. There are custom widgets which can be used very easily on the home page layout. There are already many plug-ins included and there can be more added without any problems.


Diamond can be a very suitable theme for your directory website and ecommerce uses. It has full width display and high quality background images that ensure a prominent and stunning look for your website. You have 4 unique design layouts to choose from and every layout can be easily customized further.

Ultimate Directory

Ultimate Directory is one of the best directory themes available in the market. Its unique features are out of the box and it is completely ecommerce compatible. The theme is fully responsive loading fast on any screen size, plus the theme is integrated with PayPal, listing submission forms, services and much more.

Atlas Directory & Listings

The theme took more than three months to develop. The effort and hard work put in developing the theme is much more than compared to many of the usual themes and hence has one of the best functions you can find in a WordPress theme. Atlas theme is fully compatible with Google Maps also, which helps find the nearest pin in an instant.


Nightlife is an exclusive theme developed to create and manage events easily. The attracting thing about Nightlife is that it allows both you and the visitor to submit content which can then be posted on the website. It is multilingual, translation and totally SEO friendly giving you an option to expand your business globally.


With a modern design, ClassifiedEngine aims to help every directory website to have a new and convincing display. Other than display, it also focuses on efficiency and functionality of the site. There are many premium features included with the theme and is hence very easy to manage and control all the aspects of the website.


Vantage is a fully responsive directory WordPress theme. Developed by professionals, Vantage hopes to generate a good amount of traffic on every website it is installed on. There are many custom options to explore and many layouts to choose for your website. You can obviously manage and customize any of those layouts to suit your needs.


Emblem is a child theme of Directory. Installing Emblem will increase the features, flexibility, functionality and efficiency of the website. You can choose between the dark and light colors, whichever suits you better and it is just perfect for any kind of directory website. Moreover, Google Maps are integrated along with content slider which can be used as full width display.

The Navigator

The Navigator uses Google Maps to locate any of the buildings, shops, firms, etc in instants. It is quite apt for travel blogs and location guides. The theme is appreciated by many users and has proven itself worthy by generating a good amount of traffic on every website it’s been installed on. The Navigator is simple, flexible and easy to manage theme.

Search & Go

It is a freshly released directory theme and you can say that it is fully equipped with features which will support you manage the website 24×7. It features a highly modern design and a front end submission form is ensure so that the visitors can add their own listing. Payments can be made through PayPal which makes Search & Go extremely efficient.


MyCity is a community builder WordPress theme. Here you can create directories and also add forums where visitors can post their queries. The flexible nature of this theme is preferred and appreciated by all, moreover the theme comes with Uber integration, which means visitors can book Uber directly from the site.

Yellow Pages

Developed by Templatic itself, Yellow Pages is a child theme. However, being more than just a child theme, Yellow Pages not only gives a unique display to your website but also changes the way of listings. It is preloaded with 200 countries and is also integrated by Google Maps, everything listed on the website can be found within seconds.


It is not just an ordinary directory theme for your website, instead using Expedition anyone can build a great guide to any city they are living in. You can point out important buildings, landmarks, historical places, etc and make a simple guide that everyone can follow. There are lot of features, layouts, premium plug-ins, widgets and much more included in this theme.


Glocal has a way of doing things. You can toggle between full screen layout and contained box layout anytime. There is a color picker built in which will help in changing the colors easily and effectively. The theme is very flexible and can be managed easily without any experience in coding.


Developed by Elegant Themes, eList is an amazingly designed WordPress theme. With eList, you can also get access to over eighty themes as a part of Elegant Themes. It also comes with number of short codes which you can effectively use to add or remove any rich feature you have in mind.

Directory themed website need good presentation and easy access to all the places and areas listed. For that only the best of the WordPress themes should be used, you can use any of the themes listed above to stand out of the crowd. Let us know which of the themes you like the best and which of the themes missed our list.