Digital Ocean Black Friday Sale 2020

Searching for digital ocean black friday coupon? Then you are in right place. In this post I’m going to share maximum possible discount on digital ocean cloud service.

Digital Ocean Black Friday Sale 2020

Digital Ocean Black friday Offer

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Features of Digital Ocean

In this section, you are going to find out the incredible features of Digital Ocean aka DO.

#1. Fastest Servers

DO has got powerful hardware configurations for each plan to aid you with maximum speed. All your plans are cloud VPS hosted on SSD servers.

You will be provided a dedicated RAM as well. And, you will be the one who utilizes the resources given to you as the VPS slice is yours.

Instead of the general word slice, we use droplets for the Digital Ocean.

#2. Several Linux Distros with 20+ One-Click Apps

You will not get a traditional cPanel with DO. Instead, you will be provided with a custom DO dashboard to control your droplet. Most of the tasks are done manually here. By the time I first heard of their service, I thought the WP installation should be done on my own.

But fortunately, they have got about 24 apps including WordPress that supports one-click installation.

Moreover, you can choose among different Linux distributions like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

#3. Quick Deployment

According to the company itself, they will not take even a minute to deploy the server (to be precise, 55 seconds). So, you can use this service if you want to set up a website at once.

#4. Affordable Pricing

Their basic plan costs you $5! Oops!! Do you think it’s expensive? Well, I know there are $3.9, $1.9 even free hosting plans. And if you have been a user of such hosting at least once, you know their performance, constant downtimes, server issues, etc.

And, you need to shed hundreds of dollars for purchasing VPS and dedicated servers. That’s why I called DO as a cheap service provider. You will be amazed to see their performance for sure.

#5. Helpful Community

As DO needs some manual activities from your side, you may have doubts while setting up the droplet. The Digital Ocean community will come to your rescue in such a critical time.

Moreover, there is a useful video-like tutorial about the setup on the homepage itself. So, you will never find it hard to launch your site on DO.

#6. Different Data Center Locations

The location of your server plays a vital role in the loading speed of the website. You must choose a server from where your target audience comes.

Digital Ocean has data centres in Asia, Europe and America, providing you multiple options to choose from.

Wrapping Up

So here we are, at the end of our Digital Ocean review. I swear you will find their droplet extra fast than any other traditional hosting.

The scalability is so high that you can migrate to higher plans whenever you want. A few clicks, that’s all it takes.

Are you a DO user? Let me know your experience down below. It will help others for taking a purchase decision.

Spare a share if you dare. 😉

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