Best Place To Buy Backlinks

Stop right there!

You want top search engine ranking! You want six figure monthly income! You want fame! And, you want good lifestyle!

In pursuit of that, you are making tons of backlinks!

That’s exactly why I told you to stop wherever you are! You can’t achieve best search engine ranking only with a million backlinks, neither can you make hell lots of money as well.

I didn’t say backlinks have nothing to do with ranking. Of course, it has the major significance. Still, the sources matter!

You have to grab backlinks from authority domains. Apparently, you can’t get them via conventional methods like commenting. That’s where you must invest.

Here in this post, I am going to share fifteen sites with you to buy high quality backlinks.

15 Best Place to Buy Backlinks for Niche Sites 2021

Best places to buy backlinks

The following are the list of sites to buy backlinks. I haven’t tried all of them yet.

#1. LinksManagement (Recommended)

LinksManagement is one of the best backlink marketplaces I have ever used. You have to sign up for them to start buying the service.

They have a brilliant filter to choose DA, PA, budget, category and a lot more factors. Once you register for them, you can avail the help of SEO cost calculation tool. They will recommend you with the best things to do along with the budget of the same.

use this link to get a $50 bonus when you spend $100 on purchasing backlinks through linksmanagement.

#2. Fiverr

I know you have heard about this platform.

Unlike LinksManagement, Fiverr is not a platform to buy backlinks only. You can buy any service like content writing, logo designing and much more from it. The price starts from five dollar only, that’s why the name Fiverr.

There are tons of low quality sellers on Fiverr. So make sure you buy service from sellers with good feedback.

#3. PostLinks

PostLinks is yet another best site to buy backlinks for cheap price. They claim that you can get your hands on more than 1000 high DA links for only $49.

They work like an ad network where publishers are people who give links and publishers are those who want the same.

It is possible to buy both permanent and temporary links.

#4. Blackhat Links

The first one and the third in this list only provide you with contextual backlinks. The second, Fiverr is an all-in-one marketplace as well.

But Blackhat Links here is entirely different from all those. It gives you all types of link building services including blog comments, web 2.0, and social signals as well.

You must specify the number of links you need. Over-link building will get into troubles.

#5. Automatic Backlinks

Automatic Backlinks is not the real place you are looking for. It doesn’t allow you to buy links not sell either.

The working of this marketplace is enticing. You have to exchange links to keep on using this platform. They don’t charge you even a single dime for acting as a mediator between you and the person whom you interchange the link with.

#6. is an SEO marketplace. Not only can you buy high quality backlinks, but they also give you social signals, PBN services etc.

You have to sign up for an account to keep on using it just like all the other sites given in this list. One must be extra vigilant in choosing a service because filthy people are present everywhere.

#7. Buy High Quality Backlinks

There are a lot of different link building strategies like link pyramid, wheel, tiered links etc. What if I give you a marketplace that gives you them? Yeah, Buy High Quality Backlinks is such a platform where you can avail link pyramids, wheels and much more.

They have almost all link services like comments, directory and article submissions etc.

#8. SEO Clerk

Just like Source Wave and Fiverr, SEO Clerk is also a marketplace. Some sellers post their service and it is you who need to distinguish the quality and choose from them.

Backlink is only a category on SEO Clerk. You can find tons of SEO services there. Just choose one, get it delivered and, pay the fees. That’s it.

#9. The Hoth

The Hoth is another best place to buy backlinks for your website. Once you check out their homepage, you will notice that they have multiple packages under their belt.

According to the purpose, you need to choose one. The services include guest posts, press releases, all in one packages etc.

#10. UpWork

In case you are not familiar with UpWork, I am sure that you heard about oDesk at least once. About a year before oDesk has been rebranded as UpWork.

It is a complete virtual marketplace where you can post your requirement and tons of people will apply for the job. Once you get many applications, you can interview the applicants to choose the right ones. It’s a prime place to buy backlinks according your needs.

#11. Blackhat World

Blackhat World is not really a website that sells backlinks. Instead, it is a forum where people share information from their experience. You will get tons of internet marketing lessons once you check it out.

On BW, people regularly post about their SEO service including backlink building. There is nothing wrong in trying their services. But as I said earlier, you must ensure the quality of sites, from which you get links.

#12. 24×7 Backlinks

Among all the platforms, 24:7 Backlinks offer the cheapest price. They won’t charge you more than $0.001 per link.

But the nature of the links varies. They build all types of links including forum signatures. They offer a series of trial links. Once you are satisfied with those, you can load money into your account to buy the real, powerful backlinks.

#13. Backlinks Rocket

Unlike the choose-and-purchase method, they offer their services in the form of packages. Right now, there are four different plans; authority backlinks, web 2.0, edu and website traffic.

The first three are backlink building services whereas the last one gives you targeted site visitors.

#14. Doctor SEO

Just like Source Wave and SEO Clerks, Doctor SEO is a search engine optimization marketplace. There are numerous services offered by different people.

You have to check their credibility and ask for the list of source websites before you purchase a link building service from there.

#15. Backlinks Energy

Backlinks Energy build quality backlinks for websites. Backlinks Energy work closely with their clients on choosing search terms to target and are in constant communications throughout the link building process.

Wrapping Up

You have got fifteen different places to buy high quality backlinks. Of all, I recommend LinksManagement.

If you have tried any of them give here, don’t forget to let me know your experience in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing your feedbacks.

And, don’t hesitate to share this post with your social media friends and followers. They will thank you later for doing so.

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