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Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! Traffic can stand out a blog in the blogosphere. To bring  traffic we mainly target SM (social media), SE (Search engine), Blogging communities and blog commenting methods. But now things changes with times, now we can bring traffic without all of these things. Shocked!! I also shocked when I first know about this. But it’s true. Now we can bring huge traffic with without SE and SM.


What is ? is a blog promotion website created by Enstine Muki (A popular blogger and php developer). Where you can promote your website articles or banners.

 How it works? promotion system works on credits, you have to create campaigns offering some credits (credits offer will be per click or per impression). Once your articles approve, your articles will show thousands of blogs instantly. If someone click on your articles while visiting other website; than that blogger will rewarded by that credits which you offer while creating campaigns.

Similarly you have to show other blogs articles on your blog using widget. If someone clicks on those articles you also get rewarded by credits as they offer.

How to Join?

It’s simple. Just go and sign up. Instantly you will get 100 free credits. Now create you first campaign through Create campaign page. In campaign section you can promote your blog articles and banners.

After creating campaign it will show pending for approval. It takes some times to approve to campaign.

Note: – You can’t create more than 5 campaigns when your credit balances below 1000. You can purchase credits from their order credits page.

Now install widget on your blog?

First install plug-in from word press plug-in directory. Now add you API (you can get your API through my account page) into widget and save. Show widget on your blog most clicks area to earn more credits.

Note – To continue your all campaign you should show widget on your blog. Otherwise they stop your all campaigns.

Create custom Widget –

Now you can create custom widget for your blog. That’s mean you can choose which articles are to show on your blog and which articles are not. To get more details check this post.

Is it Google friendly?

Your article titles will be displayed on the widget on other blogs, linking back to broaded on a NOFOLLOW tag. Its 100% Google friendly.

Is it available for blogger platform?

As per my knowledge till now it’s not available for blogger platform. But very soon it will available, for further information contact them.

After reading this entire post still you think it’s a bull-shit. Let’s check what says other problogger about

Blog promotion network

Check how much impression and traffic I made from

Blog promotion network traffic stats -

 Final Word – Generally friends to get traffic from social media we need huge number of followers, to get traffic from Search engine we have to write some excellent article, to get traffic from blogging communities we have to active on that communities even to get traffic from blog commenting we have to read that whole post before write any comment. But using we can bring traffic in two steps 1) create a campaign 2) add a widget on our blog. Isn’t easy, so why let it go. Create your account now.

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