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3 Tools Can Boost Blog Posts SERP Rank 500%

We try many free techniques to increase our blog posts SERP rank. But some of those techniques are work properly and some others are not. Now getting traffic from search engine is quite hard. You have to think differently to bring search engine traffic. To get search engine traffic you have to bring your blog posts in Google search first page. Normally we try free techniques to do this, but are you ever try some premium tools? Yeah some bucks can open a floodgate of organic traffic for your blog. Now you think which premium tools are do this for you? Today I’m going to show 3 premium tools that can improve your blog posts SERP rank.

boost blog SERP rank

  1. A Premium Theme –

Yes a premium stunning fast loading theme can set your blog on a roll. Are you using a premium theme on your blog? Or you are still using free theme? If you are using free theme; it’s time to change it with premium theme. Normally free themes are come off with limited features and most of them are taking long time to load and badly coded. You know Google give fast loading sites more importance in SERP rank. So why not take advantage of this. Choose a best fast loading theme for your blog. Here I listed three theme providers all of this theme providers themes are unique and fast and affordable price.

Mythemeshop Theme (aff.) – if you have not enough knowledge on coding try mythemeshop theme. I use mythemeshop themes past one year; mythemeshop themes are really fast affordable and easy to use. Using its control panel you can setup your blog easily.

Genesis (aff.) – Genesis framework is most powerful and best theme provider from among three. You can customize this framework using hooks easily. Almost every probloggers use this framework because of its page speed and high performance. Now genesis framework updated to genesis 2.

Elegant Themes (aff.) – Another one best wordpress theme provider. Its newest release divi 2 theme is absolute awesome.

[From my side, I recommend  Genesis Framework for best result]

  1. A Keyword Research Tool-

If you write random article on any topic without any keyword research you will not get any search engine traffic for that posts. Does keyword research before write any article?  Do check value of that keyword, check num of local search for that keyword and check num of competitor on that keyword before write any article. To do all of these researches at one place try Long Tail PRO. An excellent keyword research tool where you can check your keywords country wise value. You also determine your competitor’s keyword and your blog post rank on 3 major search engine (Google, yahoo and bing). Using this tool you can easily rank any post high on Google SERP rank. Try 10 days free trial Long Tail PRO.

  1. A On Page SEO Plug-in

On page SEO also impact your blog SERP rank. So don’t take it lightly? Try a premium word press plug-in to do this work easily. Here I show two plug-ins, both of these are superb; use any one of them.

Easy Wp SEO – easy WP SEO plug-in is ultimate word press on page SEO plug-in. This plug-in take as many as 23 factors to determine blog SEO score. If you miss any factor it will remind you or if you over optimized; it will show you over optimize error. Try Easy WP SEO plug-in now.

SEOPressor (aff.) – Work similar like Easy WP SEO plug-in. Some blogger recommend this as best on page SEO plug-in and similarly some others also recommend Easy WP SEO as best on page plug-in. Try SEOPressor plug-in now.

[From my side, I recommend SEOPressor for on-page SEO plugin. ]

To get benefits from these tools write unique and quality articles. Content is king; without content any tool can’t help you to improve your blog.  You can do keyword research before write any article.

If you use any other tools to increase your blog posts SERP rank. Let me know in comment. 🙂

17 thoughts on “3 Tools Can Boost Blog Posts SERP Rank 500%”

  1. Hi Hamim,

    Great to read this post.

    You are right bloggers try their best to boost the SEO of their blog so that their post can come at first page of search engines.

    Using premium themes is good because they come with responsiveness and SEO friendly.

    There are many SEO tools to be used.

    Thanks for writing this article.

    Have a great day.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      You are right premium themes are really good because they come with more SEO friendly and responsiveness. As well as SEO tools and SEO plugins are also important. In the web there are many SEO tools available but I use Long Tail pro for keyword research. This tool just awesome on keyword research.

      Thanks for your comment Ravi Bro 🙂

  2. Hi Hamim,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I really agree that all blogger should use these SEO tools for best result. I think Keyword research tool and On page SEO plug in is much more important then premium theme.

    Thanks –
    MSI Sakib

    Note: I found this article in klinkk where I voted it.

    1. Hi MSI Sakib,
      Keyword research tool and On page SEO are not only important a premium theme but also important. premium theme can reduce your load time effectively, you know that Google give importance fast loading site in SERP rank. So premium theme also help to increase blog post SERP rank.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Driving traffic is really touch in these days competition. However by taking appropriate measure we can easily enable search engine visitors. On page SEO is really an important factor as like Off page. Keyword research and stuffing those words in articles are very useful in SERP. Thanks for sharing information with us. Really Helpful..

  4. Hi Hamim,
    Excellent sharing Hamim actaully I have tried Long tail pro its an excellent Keyword research tool. And as you mention everyone is keep focusing to change old theme into Genesis framework because of its great impact on website speed.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice info

    1. Hi Muhammad Mairaj,
      long tail PRO is so far best keyword research tool that I use. Not only genesis framework other premium themes also increase your blog loading speed.

      Thanks for your comment. keep visiting here.

  5. Hey man,

    Interesting! Genesis is good as it comes with inbuilt SEO feature. If you configure it correctly, you don’t need Yoast or any similar plugins.

    Overall, pretty good post and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi reginald,

      Love to see you on my blog Reginald Bro. Yes genesis framework and thesis come with inbuilt SEO feature. But if we buy other premium theme we have to yoast or any similar plugin.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi Md. Hamim,

    Very information yet useful post. I was actually looking for some SEO initiatives for my blog and your post captured me at the right time. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to use premium tools at this point of time but the information I gathered through this is beyond anything. Thanks for sharing!

    If you can help me out with some free SEO tools, it will be of great use for me Hamim.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Gowtham,

      I check your blog , your blog is hosted on blogger. Unfortunately this time I have not any free SEO tools. BTW you can check this blog post - – This post will help you improve your blogger blog SEO.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Themes and to an extent, keyword research might prove to be beneficial for the blog but I’m always a bit skeptical about SEO plugins and even hiring an SEO as they many times tend to use some kind of black hat tricks. One must also remember that content is always the King in SEO. And that’s the simplest form of SEO you can do. Tips from Google’s Matt Cutts are also very beneficial for SEO.

  8. @Rajat,
    Themes and keyword research both play vital role. If you are in wordpress some plugins can improve blog SEO. But till now i haven’t hire any SEO consultant so I have not enough knowledge about them.
    No doubt content is king, if any blog have good content no one cant stop that blog growing.
    Thanks for your comment rajat Bro.

  9. Hi Hamim,
    great list.

    I’ve been using Genesis Framework since a while already,
    and loving it!

    I’ve also SEO Pressor on my main site,
    good to remember basic rules.

    Thanks for sharing,
    have a great weekend! 🙂

  10. Great post bro.

    Especially i liked the themes. Theme plays a very important role in the success of any sites. I have personally experienced that if your blog’s look is great you can easily attract more users.
    Overall great article is this. Thanks for sharing!!

    Ashutosh Jha

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