Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review : Earning : CPM rates : Payment Proof

Bidvertiser Review : Is bidvertiser scam ? Is bidvertiser legitimate in 2018 ? can you really get high CPC from bidvertiser ? If you have these questions in your mind. Then check our honest bidvertiser review with payment proof. Blog advertising is a major way that most bloggers are used to earn

Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review : Is bidvertiser scam ? Is bidvertiser legitimate in 2018 ? can you really get high CPC from bidvertiser ? If you have these questions in your mind. Then check our honest bidvertiser review with payment proof.

Blog advertising is a major way that most bloggers are used to earn money online. But still, due to some restriction, many of the bloggers can’t able to approve their site on some top ad networks like – AdSense,  buy sell ads, etc.

So they have to rely on other small ad networks. Most of those small ad networks CPC is too low comparing other big networks. So bloggers always earn lower than their expected income.

Sometimes they also cheated by some of these small ad networks. So before choosing any small ad network, you should study about that network. which is a time-consuming work.

So to overcome this hardship I already listed best ad networks and I have started reviewing that 10 ad networks one by one. Today It’s time to share Bidvertiser Review.

In this  Bidvertiser Review I will tell you everything like bidvertiser payment method , bidvertiser cpm rates, bidverstiser pros and cons with my payment proof and experiences.

bidvertiser review

What is Bidvertiser ?

In This Bidvertiser Review I will say you what is bidvertiser.

BidVertiser is an internet advertising company offering site-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) text ads and image ads. The company was launched in 2003 by Bpath and provide side-targeted ads where advertisers can select categories of websites for their advertisement to appear.

The system is different than automated keyword-based ads placement that Google AdSense and ran at that time.

BidVertiser provide site-targeted placement by asking both advertisers and website publishers to specify categories for their ads and websites. The action is to make sure an advertisement only appear in relevant websites instead of any website that have the same keywords as the ads.

Is Bidvertiser Legitimate ?

Yes, Bidvertiser is obviously a legitimate site. They paid their publishers since 2003. Even I also use bidvertiser on Some of my niche site.

Bidvertiser payment proof : Here are The Proof of Payment –

bidvertiser payment proof

How to Register With Bidvertiser ?

Go and Create an Account in Bidvertiser. Its too easy. and don’t forget to verify your email address after sucessful signup.

Approval Process

Unlike google adsense or buysellads, bidvertiser didn’t hold the account approval process. You will auto approve after sign up. That means you can show bidvertiser ads on your site instantly.

Note- To show ads on your site website verification is required. and begining time email verification and phone verification is also required.

Rules and Restriction For Publishers

  • Bidvertiser does not approve those site whose are directly promote porn, hacking, drug, pirating content. Initially they might approve you but within few days or week they will ban you if you promote above related content.
  • You can’t offer users any incentive in exchange of clicking ads. That will definitely ban you.

Bidvertiser payment method : bidvertiser cpm rates –

Bidvertiser accept 4 different types payment method.

  1. Paypal
  2. Payza
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Check.

Threshold Of bidvertiser Or Bidvertiser threshold

Where minimum threshold is $10. That means you don’t have to wait too much for your first payment (unless if you don’t have any paytm or payza account).

Types of Bidvertiser Ads 

  • Medium Rectangle – Size – 300 x 250
  • Vertical Rectangle – Size –  240 x 400
  • Large Rectangle – Size –  336 x 280
  • Rectangle – Size –  180 x 150
  • Full Banner– Size – 468 x 60
  • Half Banner – Size –  234 x 60
  • Vertical Banner – Size – 120 x 240
  • Square Button– Size –  125 x 125
  • Leaderboard – Size –  728 x 90
  • Wide Skyscraper – Size – 160 x 600
  • Skyscraper – Size –  120 x 600
  • Half Page Ad – Size –  300 x 600
  • Mobile Ads – Size –  300×50
  • Slider Ads
  • Pop Under Ads
  • XML Feeds

Now bidvertiser support android and ios app. You just need to install bidvertiser SDK on your native app. It will automatically show optimized ads according to users device, bandwidth, mobile carrier etc. That means, High CTR = More money.

Bidvertiser earnings : Ways Of Earning Through Bidvertiser

In bidvertiser publishers can earn in 3 different ways.

Those are

  1. Normal CPC (cost per click) rate
  2. CPM (cost per thousand) rate and
  3. CPA (cost per action).

Normally most of the ad network offers first 2 ways for earning. But in bidvertiser publishers can earn through CPA. CPA (cost per action) can be a email signup or a zip submit or a small survey or some software to download or some sort of purchase etc.

User your website browser do any of the above action you will get some extra bonus from them. Bonus amount will vary according CPA lead price.

Except normal ad placement you can earn money from bidvertiser by using their referral program. You can promote bidvertiser by writing a blog post or you can use their highly convertible ads.

BTW Whenever your referred publisher touch the $10 mark you will get $10 commission for that, again if the same publisher touches the $50 mark then again you will get $40 commission for that.

So each and every successful referral you can earn $50.

Not only for the publishers, if your referred publisher spend $10 on advertising you will get $5 commission for that, again if the same advertiser spend the $50 for advertising then again you will get $20 commission for that.

Our Experience With Bidvertiser

What’s Good – I like their no question approval process. Within 5-10 minutes I can run ads on my blog. Basically in bidvertiser advertisers are biding for publishers ad spot. Highest bidder gets the ad spot for their ads.

I have been use many site with bidvertiser ad network, but as per my personal experiences softwares, app, computer, electronic products related website are get comparatively high CPC then movie, game download sites.

What’s Bad – If a website have multi niche that case website shows irrelevant ads to the users. Because advert is been chosen in the basis of one category. In that cases you will get Low CTR.

How To earn more with bidvertiser?

  1. Shows ads on single niche site. You will definitely get better CTR ( click through rate).
  2. Use bidvertiser ad system for a long time. Advertiser would love to bid high on those sites, whose are working with bidvertiser for long times.
  3. Use different ad placement and check CTR ups and downs.

How to Submit a Website in bidvertiser ?

  • First Log in to your Bidvertiser Account.

  • Click on Manage Bidvertisers

  • Click on Add New BidVertiser

  • Select “Add new Bidvertiser under a new domain”

  • Enter a title.

  • Enter your website URL.

  • Choose the language of your website.

  • Then choose your website category and then subcategory.

  • Now click on finish button.

How to add Bidvertiser Advertisement Code inside website/blog?

  • Go to BidVertiser Center.

  • Select your blog/website

  • After that ‘Choose Template’ of your ad and click on Update

  • Then click Preferences.  Where you have to setup which types of ad you want to show on your blog.

  • Then Click on ‘Get Ad Code’.

  • Copy the ad code and Paste that code on your site and ads will start showing within minutes. ( first time website verification needed. check below to know more about verification process).

I have been added Bidvertiser Advertisement Code inside my website . But ads isn’t showing ?

Because you have not verify your blog or website. ads will show on your site after successful verification.

How to verify my  website on Bidvertiser ?

To verify domain name first of all choose your preferred domain name. place ad code on your blog or site body section. And click on verify.

Did bidvertiser support blogger or WordPress blog or Free Blog ?

Its partially Yes and Partially No. Because they will manually verify your site before approve.

These are the rules that you have to follow if you want to show ads on Free blogs –

  • High Reputation
  • Is active for a long period (at least several months)
  • High traffic volume (from real users, not bots!)
  • Has many posts, real comments and activity
  • Has unique content which is regularly updated
  • Has search engines presence
  • Has incoming links from other sites with high reputation


  • Easy to get approval on Bidvertiser.
  • Support Free Blogs. (manual approval)
  • Multiple ways of earning from same action.
  • Minimum withdraw amount is low.
  • huge no. of different type ads
  • Extra income from mobile traffic using bidvertiser SDK
  • Can use as a Adsense alternative


  • Low CPC rate.
  • Sometimes show irrelevant ads.

 Comparison – Bidvertiser vs Adsense

  • Easy approval process.
  • Comparatively low CPC than Adsense
  • different types of ads available.
  • Sometimes shows irrelevant ads.
  • Due to irrelevant ads CTR might be low.
  • Low Threshold.

Google Adsense
  • You have to follow some strict rules and regulation for approval.
  • High CPC
  • different types of ads available.
  • Relevant ads.
  • Due to relevant ads CTR always high.
  • High Threshold.

Overall Rating of Bidvertiser Review : 4 out of 5

What we like: It provides a good alternative to AdSense or other display and text-based ad networks. They have loose restrictions which mean you won’t have to be as concerned about following the strict regulations that many other networks will hold you to.

We also like the fact that they mix a few models (CPC/CPM/CPA) thus able to optimize your ad spot for maximum revenue. The have invested a lot lately in their solution for mobile traffic and you could potentially earn a lot of ad revenue if a large sum of your traffic is mobile.

What we don’t like: The ads are not targeted around the content of the website. This will result in ads that your visitors may not have any interest in. If you use this network, you should expect a lower click through rate with potentially higher revenue from those clicks. They are able though to generate revenue from a mix of geo and niches that others are not doing so well in.

So bidvertiser advertiser review Got 4 out of 5 on the basis of our Bidvertiser Review 

Conclusion – Bidvertiser is best when your website is rejected from some big advertising network like AdSense or buy sell ads. On starting time your bidvertiser earning may be low due to not popular in bidder. After some time your ads CPC will increase automatically. So if you are Interested then go for bidvertiser sign up  .

If you have any other questions don’t forget to mention in below comment section. But I hope this Bidvertiser Review will make your queries satisfy.

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