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10+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers 2018

WordPress Themes For Writers

Writers are the building blocks of the society! Internet, movie, TV shows, plays and theatre, your daily newspaper, Video Games and of course the books…all our favorite medium of entertainment and information feeds are scrutinized, processed and then cleanly provided to us by the writers!

A writer is however not what you might picture him or her to be as they stereotype them all over the pop culture – nerd like and plain. They can be awesome in personality and if you really want to know how cool a writer can be check out his/her site and you will know.

Here we are presenting all our visitors who aspire to create the exact kind of site that portrays them sharply and brightly with these WordPress Themes for Writers .

Best WordPress Themes for Writers 2018

1. Elegant

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Elegant is a writers only theme from the guys at Themify that gives you a fully width title page with social components and also includes menu buttons.

This theme is heavy on huge pics, image of the author and stylish titles to attract visitors even more.

The theme is not a big fan of animations and any other special effects because it mainly focuses on the most important thing – your writing and that counts as a big plus with us.

The responsive design of this theme is perfect to view your site through any screen sized device. Additionally you do not have to mess up with coding in any way if you want to change any aspect of the site.

Just use the theme editor and move components wherever you want them to be placed. A great amount of white space added along with spectacular typography is just as it’s named – elegant!

 You do not have to open anything else to add in blur, sepia and grayscale effects thanks to built-in image filters in it. The custom options are unlimited, easy integration with WooCommerce and many color skins makes it a great choice in our eyes. No doubt this is the best wordpress theme for writers.

  1. GraceUnderPressure

For those looking for a fully formed fancy blog instead of a – say a site which can also sell your books or something – GraceUnderPressure is a total looker!

Although you can easily integrate this with a WooCommerce plugin easily, so no big worries there mate!

Brought to you by themeforest this theme has six demo layouts with options like a feminine seeming writing setup to literary journals archive, which really makes it easy for anyone brand their work without a hassle.

With the literary journal demo you can even allow for either a chapter vise read or a full version read of your books to the visitors.

All the content that you will put in it will come right in the middle of the page with easy sharable features added through social media buttons – it does look very nice and handy.

Each of your post looks like it’s written in a real notebook with actual pages – now that’s really impacting!

The theme is responsive as well for any device your users might be using and the amazing cover pics expand all over the screen layout which really attracts the visitors.

The theme has custom typography and a stunning author profile that will definitely help you grow your fan base…overall it’s a nostalgic looking theme which feels like an actual book!

  1. Literatum

Literatum from Kohette is a superb choice for those who are looking for any themes for magazine display!

It’s fast, clean, simple and right to the point since it gets integrated to your main WordPress menu settings making you focus on posting your works and nothing else.

The theme makes it easy to navigate and presents every article in a clean but attractive style.

Some of the best looking features of Literatum are AJAX navigation, category featured images and a custom avatar for author. You can even change video files for static images in your posts!

Supports for Facebook comments by itself, a read time estimator, support for any third party comments and category templates just make it even more awesome for any magazine starter.

This them has unique feature wherein you can do interviews with the question and answer buttons, equipped with CSS it’s completely ready for social media for easy sharing and expansion of your works!

  1. Forte

From ThemeBeans comes Forte, a sleek writers theme for WP sites, it’s a solution for those writers who want it simple, elegant and smooth display of their works.

The layout is a big title area for the site and a tagline space without anything to distract the visitors in between.

The wide screened and HD quality thumbnails of the posts make it a really effective and impactful view for your visitors to feel about your site.

The simple but powerful theme editor is great for first time users to change items like colors, logos, blog settings and much more – this goes to make you play with your website looks for hours for a perfect display according to you.

Forte theme goes smoothly along with the Restrict Content Pro plugin if you plan to offer any membership via your site.

Among many other features you can set up many post formats, incorporate a video background, use the commenting system to generate conversation among your users, fully responsive design makes it easy for your site to reach everyone.

The theme is great in SEO services too and makes search engines index your works well for sure.

  1. Author Pro

StudioPress brings you Author Pro, paired with Genesis Framework this one is a very powerful customizable them for writers in WordPress.

This is a classic theme for those authors who are already published and would like to showcase as well as sell their works through their own website for extra profits.

You could also link your works with Kobo and Amazon but it is mainly designed for showing and selling your latest works to your fan base.

This theme is super customizable in the component section of page layout, headers, footers, titles and typography.

HD and beautiful image plus modules for call to action and the landing page for a full description of your works are not only beautiful looking but very practical!

You do not have to mess around with any coding to make any kind of change, small or big and its high responsive design makes it sure that your fans can view your works on any device.

With many other features you can also create a very cool and sleek looking “About the Author” area, social media buttons to share your posts immediately and stylish display of all the reviews you get.

This is a pretty great theme if you are looking to expand your writing career.

  1. RAIN

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Developed by FRESHFACE, Rain is a minimalistic theme for writers who want to say the most with the least.

But don’t worry that does not mean it is going to warp out any necessary feature for a great writing theme since as it is bundled with features like the most eponymous feature of this is overlaying a “rain pouring down a windowpane” animation on your background images.

Which come to think of it makes it all eerie and mysterious in an attractive way!

It also provides some nice audio sounds to set up the mood for your readers.

It also has split panel interface with the right hand slide sowing the text of your work while the left hand slide shows the mentioned rain animation upon your title.

Rain is very responsive and makes for a fun and lag free read for your readers on any screened device.

Rain supports compatibility for multiple browsers, has Google Fonts and also has Font Awesome.

  1. OM ( Best WordPress Theme for writers)

OM is developed by CodeStag folks and is a sophisticated blogging portal theme for writers on WP.

OM comes with three post grid layouts for the homepage, archives, blogs and search result usage with a sidebar navigation ease.

A very easy to use theme customizer can set up full width scaled or boxed up layout design for you, change background images, the sidebar options and it also has Typekit fonts with menu placement, post grid layouts, unlimited colors, logos and more.

The homepage is pretty much widgetized and makes it easy to place and reorder your widgets.

Om is very responsive, child theme friendly and retina ready theme with great documentation and great support so you will never be out help with any of your queries.

  1. Fall

The Fall theme for writers in WordPress is developed by Obox Themes and it is stylish and very flexible simply speaking.

The Fall theme is designed to handle long-form articles without any problems but it does offer many other formats to do other posts as well. Every focus of this theme is based on a “distraction free text reading”

The layout is very responsive for mobiles which is particularly good for long articles that are a pain to be read in smaller devices.

The theme supports for Google+ and other social media platforms though its social linking widgets.

The theme is SEO friendly to improve your site ranks.

There are many theme option provided with Fall that we must speak about here like Obox Themes’ OCMX Theme Settings Panel responsible for customizing your whole layout any way you want it to be!

Upload a custom logo, use its drag and drop editor to modify further and track visitor stats via Google Analytics.

Unlimited color support for links, backgrounds, containers, headers, footers, borders and more.

You can even resize the images and videos plus you can insert self hosted videos too to make it more effective on your WP site.

  1. Basic

Another contender for long-form content posting theme is Basic by Parks and Parker. A distraction free layout suitable for long written articles with easy on the eyes fonts and a fully responsive theme is what Basic is about.

There are several layout formats for posts included like Standard, gallery, Link, Quote, Video and Audio.

The coding for this theme have been tested and made on valid CSS3 and HTML5.

Very customizable with a multitude for colors this theme is enough for those who just want to write and write and write.

  1. Moment

Moment from CSSIgniter is a never disappointing development firm that has brought this writers theme for WordPress with some powerful media components to display your works radically.

The theme is very responsive for any device and uses a masonry style of homepage layout – stacking photos on top of and next to each other for some really amazing visual treats of your works.

The theme has got you four blog post layouts that include full-width, fixed width, right content and left content.

The CSSIgniter editing panel is one of the most powerful ones in the market that can integrate easily used buttons, all consigned robustly in one area.

The basic options include color changes, Google Analytics Tracking, logo uploading and special settings for any or all of the posts you make.

This also comes with a localization support so mere clicks can translate your work to reach a whole new amount of audiences in world all over.

Stunning media heavy components bring all the best out of your textual presentation via Moment.

  1. The Writer


Another one from Obox Themes, this theme for writers is very simple and perfectly displays your words for anyone to see.

This is made especially keeping writers and journalists in mind and supports various features to display long-form articles on both desktops and mobile devices.

This is heavily focused on article reading since whenever someone clicks on a post every other thing gets faded and there is no distraction between you and your reading experience.

The typography used in this is especially built for large amount of reading and you can change its various aspects upon your wish like colors, weights, line-heights and size.

Including support for social media and SEO this theme is a must for serious writers.

The OCMX theme setter is powerful and lets you edit and modify background images and even logos too. It has Google Analytics support, a variety of layouts, drag and drop editor and overall it matches up to its heavy price with oh so many goodies in it.

Prices are 79 USD for standard pack and 139 USD for the premium one!

These are the list of our favorite wordpress Themes for Writers. If you know any other different one, then don’t forget to notify me your favorite wordpress theme for writers.