review plugin for wordpress

20+ Best Premium and Free WordPress Review Plugin

Having a review tool on your website is great for many reasons, the most important reason being that it generates lot of traffic. No matter whose review you want to post, be it a book, movie, game, video, etc. you get to share your own personal view.

However, there are many different kinds of review plug-ins out there and choosing the best out of them is difficult. For that matter I have compiled a list of best review WordPress plug-ins for you to use.

review plugin for wordpress

Best Review Plugin For WordPress

WP Review Pro WordPress Plug-in

This amazing WordPress plug-in works like a charm, WP Review Pro allows its users to easily create a review on your website. It is a very efficient plug-in and generates a lot of traffic by showing your review on top of the search engine. Your users can also create, rate and review your posts. It comes with many different features such as Multiple Rating System, CSS animated reviews, Global design and much more.


This WordPress plug-in allows users to insert reviews and comparison tables into the blog posts posted on your websites. There are eight toally customizable themes included and any viewer can easily leave his or her own remark on your posts. There are many different features that a user can benefit from, some of which are unlimited templates, comparison tables and review per posts, there are three types of rating mode and you get a template manager too.


Taqyeem was an exclusive development to allow users create a review system for their posts, pages and custom post types. The Taqyeem is a specially designed WordPress plug-in and can be customized to meet the requirements of the user. It comes with many different features like three review styles, multiple options for rating image, unlimited colors, typography options, 500+ Google web fonts, Rtl support, localization support and much more.

Let’s Review

Let’s Review WordPress Review Plug-in is a modern innovation allowing users to create their own reviews for posts and pages. It is highly responsive and also offers numerous format options which include stars, points, custom icon, custom page and percentage. Moreover, it also comes with affiliate options using which you can easily monetize your reviews. It is integrated with Let’s Review widget too which has many features like multiple design and order options and filters too.

 WP Reviewr Pro WordPress Plug-in

This is an amazingly designed review plug-in for WordPress platfor. It allows users to leave reviews and comments on your personal blog posts and pages. Also, it has a very responsive making it popular on the small screens, smartphones and tablets. The other features offered by WP Reviewr Pro are unlimited color scheme and review criteria, review widget, short codes for review and much more.

Product Review Pro WordPress Plug-in

Product Review Pro is a wonderful WordPress plug-in best for those who want to display their post reviews in an elegant manner. It comes with many different features a user can benefit from and also has a feature which allows you to display pros and cons of a product. The other good features one can enjoy are segmented ratings, user voting, rich editor, affiliate button, multiple templates and the best part, it works with any theme.

SIP Review Shortcodes

This amazing WordPress review plug-in will let you decide your own place on your website for displaying reviews using just shortcodes. This plug-in is totally compatible with WooCommerce and users can rate and review products displayed very easily. There are a wide range of features to explore, some of which are three eye catching designs, aggregated reviews, get product schema on other page, etc.

Facebook Review Pro

Facebook Review Pro plug-in is an amazing innovation. It works great with Visual Composer and display Facebook reviews on your website, giving it a whole new level. You can also enjoy pagination which is a feature that allows you to display reviews in any order you like. You don’t need to know coding to use this plug-in, it has easy shortcodes, it is speed optimized, there are filtered review shows and you can do much more with this plug-in.

Yelp Reviews Pro

another yet small innovation to gain support from Yelp, Yelp Reviews Pro is a minimal WordPress review plug-in offering more than you expect. This plug-in gives you the ability to display reviews from Yelp directly on your website using short codes or any kind of widget. It has many features to offers like Yelp shortcodes and works great with Yelp API. A wonderful WordPress review plug-in this is in my opinion.

WP Review

Just like many other review plug-ins, WP Review is also a very powerful WordPress review plug-in used to review the content easily. You have tons of features to explore and the whole plug-in is customizable and lightweight. You get to choose if you want to review using stars, points or percentage. Moreover, it also includes Google snippets, translation, WPMU and unlimited colors to enjoy.

WP Product Review

WP Product Review can easily convert any of your posts into more engaging ones by adding an attractive review system. You can interact with the viewers in the comment section and also you can add a buy button using which any viewer can buy the product easily. The entire plug-in is completely customizable and you can use the features provided to help yourself create an interesting website.

Reviews Ultimate

Reviews ultimate is quite a popular plug-in in the market and has been serving its purpose of helping people create a review box on their websites for a long time. Your visitors can easily submit reviews and comment on your posts. This plug-in is WooCommerce ready too and you can use it to rate and review any product from your shop. The other features included are review pagination, custom CSS option, filter review scores and a lot more.

Review Builder

The Review Builder WordPress Plug-in is an engaging and a responsive review plug-in. Any user can use this plug-in to create a rate and review section on his or her own website. You can also add custom criteria of items, a good and engaging title for your review section, lots of color options to match with your website and many more engaging features are also present.

Product Review

Product Review WordPress Plug-in is a professionally designed plug-in exclusively to help create an engaging rate and review system on your website. You can add a robust option for your review, but furthermore, there is an editor included for users to easily add reviews, add review titles and also add segmented ratings. Your viewers can also submit review easily and leave a prompt reply anytime.

Review Plus

Review Plus WordPress Plug-in is a modern tool developed to help the users create and manage an engaging review section on your websites, posts and pages. You get to enjoy a lot of features, each of it making much more easy and fun to manage the reviews. The plug-in is entirely customizable with different custom options to explore from.

Google Places Review Plug-in

This amazing WordPress plug-in was designed to display Google reviews on your website with the help of a widget. It is a perfect plug-in for restaurants, real estate firms, hotels, retail stores, hospitals and franchises. User can submit three free business reviews and five business reviews with the pro version. The other features that make it more popular are Google business reviews, versatile widget themes, detailed business information and much more.

Yelp Reviews Widget Plug-in

This is just like Yelp Reviews Pro plug-in with a few differences to separate them. Yelp Reviews Widget will help you display your Yelp reviews on the sidebar widget and the good part is that all the reviews are saved automatically in the WordPress database. This is a cleanly designed modern review plug-in suitable for any website.

Yellow Pages Review Plug-in

Just like the Yelp Review Plug-ins display Yelp reviews on the website, Yellow Pages does the same. It displays the reviews on Yellow Pages on your website. This plug-in uses a powerful and inituitive widget which is perfect for any business organizations such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, real estate firms and hospitals.

Good Reviews

Good Reviews uses a search engine scheme markup while displaying the ratings and reviews on your posts, pages and websites. It uses markup to help search engines identify and display your website as high as possible. You can also add a photo of the reviewer, it is SEO optimized, you can add reviews to pages, posts or sidebar and many other features are included within the plug-in.

Book Review

This WordPress review plug-in creates space for a book info section on your website. You can add books info, rate and review the book and share your thoughts about it. You get to choose whether this section has to be placed above or below the content and this plug-in also has an ability to display the reviews on the homepage when summary text is used.

Nearby Now

Nearby Now WordPress Review Plug-in is an amazing innovation designed to display the good customer reviews, check-in locations and photos. It also displays an area service heat-map on any of your posts. You can add real time check-ins and reviews and is a great way to generate traffic and get the real time feed.

Review type plug-ins are very famous since the WordPress platform was created. Everyone is interested in knowing what other people think about the posts, pages, websites, etc and that is why review plug-ins are widely and continuously used in the world. You can use any of the plug-ins mentioned above to create your own review section. Let us know which of these you loved the most and why.