best wordpress avatar plugins

Best Premium and Free WordPress Avatar plugins for your startup!

The Avatars as they are generally called over at the internet comments section and board forums are nothing but your profile pics.

Sometimes they are a GIF image or sometimes just your personal photos. Any imagery can be used as an avatar.

And since people like variations in their online personification a lot that is why you ought to have a few tweaks, in your site for them.

WordPress original services allow any user or creator to register themselves to

Wherein your registered id’s picture becomes the official profile pic of your avatar.

So here you are about to start your own WordPress site for maybe personal community on a unique subject,

or maybe a full on professional site…and since WordPress is basically a dream place for moderators and innovators,

there are many combinations and perks that you can add up to make your site unique from them all!

Here is how you can do that by adding some cool avatar options in your WordPress venture

best wordpress avatar plugins

List Of WordPress Avatar Plugins ( Free and Premium)

  1. Authors Widget (Free)

This one of the free ones, its so simple and “just the way you want”!

it clearly shows all the authors in a list or a in cloud box with their RSS link right next to their name and all number of their posts!

Pretty handy for those blogs where you may want more than one author, they all can be shown in a sidebar view.

Author’s widget can also create an Author Cloud section if the SEO tag Cloud Plugin is already installed by you.

  1. SVG Avatars Generators (Premium)

this premium avatar plugin for WP, SVG Avatar Generators, allows for custom avatar creations.

The widget uses Scalable Vector Graphics that is supported by every modern browser and does not depend on the original picture resolution.

So if you have that old, lovely picture that you always wanted as your avatar but couldn’t paste it because it was just too much hay…

…then here is your option!

At 24 USD, the perks do not end here, the widget automatically converts your any image file into a SVG one.

Meaning that you get crystal clear and crisp results out of your old and dull pics to be used as your everwanted avatar!

Widget also automatically integrates those pics to your gravatar webaite id as well!

The Vector files of your old pics – received after SVG Avatar Generators’ processing – are perfectly ok to be used in any modern browsing device also including Retina!

With great features like a responsive Interface, perfect for Retina, seven language translation options, three way color scheme availability, three way download options, save any user’s avatar on the server, integrates with any modern browser, free updates and support and of course easy sharing!

  1. Uni Avatar – WP Avatar Manager (premium)

Uni Avatar is another premium one in our list which offers fancy avatars of all kinds.

The templates in this widget’s avatar bank come in accordance to various tastes and likings of a modern day Internet user.

Each and every one of your users and authors will have something in their list to relate to!

But…but if they are thinking to outdo the available options with their own creativity then Uni Avatar also allows in for some super custom avatar creation facilities as well.

And all this for 13 USD!

For every guy trying to create their own personal social network innovation in WP, this one is a smooth sailor for all of your avatar customization needs!

  1. WP User Avatar (Free)

This widget, the WP User Avatar, does what its name says and personally I like this “no fancy name” widget more.

Its easy and to the point.

It does what its name says, it gives the admin of a WP site the power to either allow any user to have their own custom avatar or select from the available ones!

It also gives you advanced functionality to set certain boundaries about an avatar’ s size, width, height and other options.

Such depth of setting options give that extra layer of connectivity to anyone using your blogsite.

  1. WP Social Avatar (Free)

WP Social Avatar allows all those social media frenzy folks to automatically change their WP site avatar as soon as they change their social media ones!

Yes, with this widget one can use the same avatar which they are usimg in their mainstream social media one!

what it means is that if you change your avatar at facebook and if your fb id is connected with your WP site then your WP avatar will change automatically!

A must one for those who never sit still while doing social media stuff!

  1. Simple Local Avatars (Free)

This one simply adds a new section in your profile edit page.

Wherein you can create and use your own custom avatars.

Or you can entirely block gravatar options, forcing your users to use only custom ones, whatever option you seem fit is available to you with Simple Local Avatars!

  1. Avatar Manager (Free)

Avatar manger is the manager of any of your avatar related needs and necessities.

It allows for independent custom avatar creation or not!

Yes, give them the avatar creation freedom or don’t. Its up to you.

Set them some selected pre designated avatars if the tone your WP site demands default avatars.

You can also set the parameters for the avatars size, length and other such minor but intricate details.

You can also select the avatar rating in case you want some of the avatars to be excluded from certain groups of people.

Needless to point but this WP avatar plugin is one of the most “in demand” WP avatar plugin!

  1. WP First letter Avatar (Free)

This sweet WP widget is a blessing for keeping your site’s servers maximum capacity on at least average speed,

since it only allows in for anyone’s name’s first letter to be used in a simple imageless avatar.

This may sound a bit drab to some but it actually is not!

There are many people out there who use their name’s first letter in a cool color spectrum or b&w shading to impact harder than many image avatars.

And also sometimes less is more and that is what WP First Letter Avatar is all about!

So there you go folks. The best 8 of the WP avatar plugins that you can use according to your needs.

Hope it helped you.