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List 20 Best Weird Websites on the Internet 2017 – #11 is The Weirdest

The internet is a wonderful place. Almost every question you can think of has an answer on the internet. You get innumerable websites all from a different genre and also with contents that are different from each other. But among all these different kinds of websites, there are some which are weird and have contents that are quite disparate. click here to check what is a VPN?

Here are some of those kinds of websites that are weird and have found their place in the list of top 20 weirdest websites:

Top 20 Most Weird Websites on The Internet –


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Cleverbot is a chatterbot web application and it uses artificial intelligence algorithm to have conversations with humans. But unlike other chatterbots its responses are not pre-programmed; rather it learns from the human input. Human type into the search box and the system finds all the keywords that match the input. It was created by British scientist Rollo Carpenter. Cleverbot is also available as an app on iOS, Android and Windows phone.


It is a paranormal Wikipedia. Many stories on spooky paranormal activities are contributed on the websites. It also contains books on the same. It is sponsored by Paranormal Awareness Society and it is the source all the research works. It is claimed by the Society, that all the works that are presented on the site are thoroughly researched before putting in front of the public.

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This is one of the weirdest websites of 2017. It is both funny and weird. Are you really angry with someone and want to slap him? Of course, you can’t do that every time. Why not let an eel do that for you? It is a virtual app where an eel slaps the person.

Aunty Acid

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Aunty acid is a website that has a sassy aunty, who says it straight. Her husband Walt and she together give us a good number of irreverent thoughts every day. The site contains much interesting stuff like funny jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, interesting posts including aunty acid quizzes. Isn’t that interesting?

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It is one of the strangest websites that contain a one of most addicting games. It basically shows the outline of a man’s head and the game is all about doing strange things with eyes, nose, ears etc. till the head disappears. Once you are successful doing that, you win the game.


Most of the times when we buy something new we generally get a bubble wrap with the same and we also enjoy snapping them all day long. But how many times have you got a chance to do the same online? If not, then try the same on, because the whole website is based on this concept. It has a bubble wrap simulator which you can snap and get points for the same.

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You won’t believe something like that exists online till you try it yourself. It reminds you of your secret Santa of childhood days. Here you pay 10 dollars for a random product. It’s unidentified till you receive it and open it to find out what is really stored in for you. Both the concept and the product you could receive could be something that’s out of the box and out of your imagination. This site is so fascinating that it was tried one of the TV stars and he was both surprised and shocked to get the stuff he ordered on

If you are the type of person who is quite mesmerized and enchanted by the idea of asteroids, planets, stars, comets and when the world will come to an end, then this is the site for you. It is strange, it is weird and its contents are ghastly but you would really admire the minds behind the concept when you visit the website. It contains every crazy stuff you can think of galaxies.

Are you planning to start up a project that’s on your desk right now? Then why not a dose of motivation from Emmy worthy? This site contains inspirational messages in the Emmy-worthy that will give you a push in accomplishing whatever work you do or are planning to do. The most mesmerizing stuff you will find on the website is the voice over.

The moment you hold your mouse cursor on the page of you will find a picture of a person pointing his or her finger towards the direction in which the cursor is directed. It is wired that something like that exists on the internet.


If you rate this website on a wierdometer, this will definitely top the chart. You will be clueless but at the same time, you will find it impressive. The music in the background is quite monotonous and de motivating, but wait until you feed her enough apples.

All of us might have tracked our trains online on a live platform, but have you ever thought of doing the same for the flights. If not, try this. basically shows you every single flight that’s flying in the world. It is quite fascinating once you try this website.

Area51!!! Many of us must have heard about it from somewhere or the other. It is a remote detachment of Edwards Air force. It is known to be a place where some extra terrestrial activities are said to be encountered. is a site inspired from that. This site contains contents on aliens and other mysterious and paranormal activities.

This sit came into existence in the year 2009 and if you really believe the owner of this site, then according to him, he came into a possession of cassette tape containing Beatles album that was never released. It made him believe that Beatles never broke up. This site really contains some mysterious crazy stuff.


There are times we have strong gushing emotions, but find no words to describe them. But this is a site where you will find all sorts of words that could give your emotion a name and the best part is, all these words are new. This site has words, not necessarily intended to use in the conversation, but they exist for their own sake. It is a must visit site if you want to experience the magic of words.

Are you an adventurous traveler? Then this website is for you. Here you can explore the world via Google Street View. Every day this website takes you to a random place in the world. Here you can discover a huge number of imageries captured by Google over more than 50 countries. There are many of us who want to explore the world but can’t make it because of some constraints or the other. But see it won’t be a problem anymore. You can travel to any part of the world, not once in a month or once in a year, but every day!

You must have seen many fans around the world even we are also fans of someone or the other. But have you ever seen crazy fans. Minion would be too happy, because he has them all. Starting from all the funny quotes to the diet quotes; even all the videos and viral stories is based on Minions.

Are you upset that you are single and don’t have a boyfriend to share your emotions with you. Then don’t worry! You can create one for yourself. Isn’t that interesting? Create a boyfriend as per your requirement. You can choose his age, personality and photo too. A must try before you believe.

You will have no clue as to why this sort of weird site exists, but you will surely enjoy when you enter the site. Once you put the cursor on the web page of and moves it in and around the page, then it moves in the direction of your cursor.

It is one of the best illusions you can see online. ZoomQuilt consists of infinite numbers of zoom illusions that are created on flash. It has intricate and detailed artwork. Furthermore, you can endlessly zoom into a picture and travel through multiple layers of artworks. It gives a real-time soothing experience and you must try it once.

So, now when you have the list of the top weirdest websites with you, what are you waiting for? Jump in and try out as many as you can. You would have no idea as to how much crazy, mysterious and mesmerizing stuff is stored in for you till you decide to explore them.