You want to buy a recently launched mobile.

So, what do you do? You open the ecommerce website and visit the product page. What if you see only 3 units are in stock? You will add it to the cart and checkout within no time assuming that it will go out of stock soon.

Has it ever happened to you? If it has, did you check the stock after a few hours or a day? Most probably, the product hadn’t gone out of stock, right?

Well, that’s a method to boost sales called as scarcity marketing. In this article, I will help you figure out what exactly scarcity marketing is and introduce you to some plugins that do the same.

Best WordPress Scarcity Plugins 2021

Scarcity plugins

Some of you may not be aware of the term scarcity marketing. Hence, I want to start with an introduction.

What is Scarcity Marketing?

Simply put, scarcity marketing is a method of promoting your product by creating a feel that the product is going to be out of stock. Going deep, what I said here is a single type of scarcity marketing.

There are different types. You can show limited stocks only. And if you learn your customer behavior well, you can avail what he/she wants and make other sizes (for clothing) out of stock. Moreover, the limited period discount offers uses nothing but the scarcity marketing.

In fact, scarcity marketing is using shortage or scarce for our benefits, that is to boost the number of sales.

You got a brief idea about the term now, didn’t you?

So, how can you implement scarcity marketing for your promotional campaigns? Well, it’s easy given that you are a WordPress user.

In the next section, you will be getting familiar with the best scarcity marketing plugins for WordPress. No dirty lines of codes, no headaches, no complications, nada!

Top Scarcity Plugins for WP

The following are my best picks of WP scarcity marketing plugins.

Thrive Ultimatum

If you ask me for the best scarcity marketing plugin, I won’t hesitate to vote for Thrive Ultimatum. Do you know why I like this plugin very much?


Let me tell you!

Even before the release of Ultimatum, there were a few plugin for the same purpose. But users could trick the system to turn it for their benefits by clearing cookies or doing some tweaks like that. Since Thrive Ultimatum works at the server level, no tricks work with it.

There are three types of scarcity badges you can display on your site; floating on the top, bottom or on the sidebar. And, it is even possible for you to edit the ribbon just like we do in the Thrive Content Builder.

Another best thing about Thrive Ultimatum is you can grow your email list even if you didn’t launch the deal or product. Users will get notified once you release the deal and you can retarget them for more campaigns once they provide you their email address.

There are three license plans available for the plugin with difference in price and number of allowed sites.

Evergreen Countdown Timer

Maybe, you are in a position to spend money on a WP plugin. (I strongly recommend you should go for it if you can somehow manage the money). In case the amount is so far from your grabbing that you are dying for a free alternative, you can go for Evergreen Countdown Timer.

As you have already read in the introduction, scarcity is one of the best methods to boost your sales. The problem with this type of marketing is that you can’t always exploit scarcity.

But with this plugin, you can display personalized messages for each visitor, thereby giving you more time to stick to the scarcity.

3.      Waiting: One-click countdowns

Do you want a free plugin with rich customization features? If you say yes, you must check out Waiting: One-Click countdowns.

Even though it isn’t as efficient as Thrive Ultimatum, you can build show unlimited number of countdowns. Unlike most of the other free plugins, this one has a visual editor with support for shortcodes.

The smooth transitions and responsive design of the plugin are enough for you to awake the buying mind of your visitors. Waiting plugin has a widget for you to utilize the maximum out of your site.

Scarcity Hero

You have got one paid and three free plugins for scarcity marketing so far. Hence, it is time to check out another paid tool.

The name says it all. The Scarcity Hero plugin is ideal for those who look forward to boosting their product sales. In the campaign wizard, you can create evergreen scarcity or fixed date one. Most of the marketers believe that the scarcity marketing technique only works once.

Truth be told, you can use the same to make the most out of your visitors forever if done the right way.

You can even do A/B split testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Scarcity Hero gives you the ability to set separate expiry date for different time zones.

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop banner builder makes it easy for you design banners like a walk in the park.

Wow Countdowns

Next one in this list is Wow Countdowns. I am sharing the free version here. But they do have a premium variant too.

During my research to craft this post, I have gone through the features of different scarcity plugins. And I found out that not every plugin, even the paid ones provide campaigns for quantity based scarcity marketing. To my surprise, Wow Countdowns gives you the same.

Even though it is not the perfect one, you should check it out if you are running out of money to buy the ultimate scarcity marketing plugin (Thrive Ultimatum).

It allows you to setup different rules for the expiration of your count down. As a result, you get the maximum control over your campaigns.

Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

You know what WooCommerce is, don’t you? It helps you build functional eCommerce websites on WordPress without getting your hands dirty.

Ecommerce is the best playground for scarcity marketing. We all have seen Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces get succeeded with the same method.

You can display popups, show banners inside posts or pages with the help of shortcodes, trigger limited-time offers, and do a lot more with Product Countdown.

But yeah, it is a paid one. I hope you won’t mind spending $18 for a plugin that has the capability to multiply your sales.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got six of the best scarcity marketing plugins for WordPress.

Which is the best one? If you don’t have any problems in spending a few dimes, I will strongly recommend you go with Thrive Ultimatum. You will only realize all the features once you start using it.

In case you are not in a position to spend money, you can go for any of the free plugins mentioned here. Wow Countdowns is my favorite. Still, you can go for others given that requirements for each people differ.

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