best laptop for electrical engineering students

Best Laptop For Electrical Engineering Students 2019

Best Laptop For Electrical Engineering Students…

Laptops are essential for every engineering students whether you are an electrical or mechanical or civil engineering student. For an engineering student, a laptop can be very handy for project work, presentation creation and other basic kinds of stuff. For an engineering student, a laptop in the range between $400 to $1500 is best. If you have a good budget you can go beyond this range. It depends up to you. Even when I studying computer engineering I also brought an around $450 priced HP laptop for my college works.

In the post, I’m going to share some best laptop for electrical engineering students. In this list, I include some affordable laptop, some costly laptop, and some good rated laptop. So choose according to your needs, features, and budgets.

Before starting the list for ” best Laptop For Electrical Engineering Students ” let me explain some basic things. Basic things mean the minimum configuration that needs to do all the basic stuff as an engineering student.

RAM – Having a RAM ( random access memory) in between 4 to 8 GB ( gigabyte) can be enough for your laptop if you want to do your basic college pieces of stuff ( Like ppt creation, for writing work, excel work or some other project stuff). Now with basic stuff, if you want to do some extensive process of gaming, surfing the internet or accessing some high-end software like Maya 3D, adobe premiere. Then you should go for 8 gb to 16 gb ram with the extra graphics card ( it can be 2 gb or 4 gb). Graphics are essential if you want to do some rendering related works.

Hard Disk – It’s not a very important part. You can go with 1 TB hard disk or 2 TB hard disk. It depends on the amount of data you want to store on your laptop. If you are a game lover or a movie lover then go with 2 TB hard disk because games and movies generally acquire a large amount of space. Otherwise, you can use an external hard disk.

Processor – A Intel i5 processor should be great for all basic and some hard stuff. But you can still go with Intel i7 or Intel i9 laptop. It totally depends on your budget.

Even if you can buy apple laptop as an electrical engineering student.  I always recommend everyone to goes with apple laptop instead of windows running laptops, if you have a good budget. Generally, apple laptops are a bit more costly than normal windows laptops.

So let us start the list of Best laptop for Electrical engineering students

best laptop for electrical engineering students

5 Best Laptop For Electrical engineering students 2019

[amazon box=”B01LD4MGY4″ title=”Acer Aspire”] [amazon box=”B01LVZTWWX” title=”Dell Laptop”] [amazon box=”B00UGBWR0E” title=”Apple MacBook”] [amazon box=”B01606IDL0″ title=”Surface Pro”] [amazon box=”B074XHS8VR” title=”Lenovo Thinkpad”]

Above all of the listed laptops are capable to do basic kinds of stuff (likes word access, power point presentation, excel access etc) with multitasking  (like listening songs while doing some editing on Microsoft word meantime accessing the internet). Even some of the listed high-end laptops are capable to run Maya, Adobe premiere like software without any lag. So choose your best one according to your needs.

Conclusion – All of the above-listed laptops are well rated at Amazon. So you can buy any one of them without any doubt. If you found any other laptop that can beat any of the above-listed laptops by its price or features. Then don’t forget to mention that laptop in the below comment section.

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