best instagram plugins

Best Premium and Free Instagram plugins for WordPress 2017

Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress

best instagram plugins

Instagram plugins in your WordPress site work exactly like sprinkles on an ice cream!

They can allow you to instantly update your WP account with your Instagram updates and can give a unique feeling to your WP site that sure does help in acquiring and maintaining a bulk load of users.

So here are some of the best Instagram plugins for you to select from for your ambitious WP site project

Instagram Journal

Instagram journal is a premium Instagram plugin for WP sites, which has some of the most intricate features, more than your average widget!

There are modes available, way more than usual for you to design your site on, like Instagram Contest Mode, User Instagram Feed Mode, Multiuser Instagram Feed Mode, Popular Instagram Feed Mode and Tag Instagram Feed Mode!

And also there are FIVE display modes that allow you to create yourself full width Instagram Feed – Classic, Large carousel, Section Carousel, Collage Carousel and Infinity View.

Instagram photo and Video Gallery WordPress

Instagram Photo and Video Gallery for WordPress is another premium Instagram plugin for your WP site that allows more than your basic features.

You can very easily allow in five different styles of Instagram galleries like User, liked photos, feed, tag and location. Along with dedicated widgets for each of these styles yo be used as the sidebar.

To create some best galleries, this premium widget gives you seven skins! And each one of these skins uses animation effects shows up more options for every image.

Set those images to either open up in the official Instagram page or in a quick light box.

You can even translate the whole texts into any other language that you want.

And the refresh period for the caches of image can also be pre set.

Which really goes easy on your loading times!

Custom Instagram Feed

This one is both free and premium, the free version can offer you some really responsive designs, allows multiple Instagram users’ photos to be  displayed in a single feed and an easy setup mechanism.

A “load more” button appears right after initial 20 pictures which can be displayed in either chronological or random order.

Configure even the rows and columns, set the padding around the photos, background color and the image size too.

Whereas the premium version can offer you a light box option, you can disable headers, specify the exact numbers of photos to be shown in a feed, CSS customization and sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy Instagram

This one too comes with both a free version and a premium version!

The free version can give you the options to create a grid style (with fade in effects) and carousel style of Instagram feed galleries for your WP site.

With of course customizable options to set the rows and columns!

You can also customize the number of pictures that can come in the first feed preview. Apart from shortcodes now you can also put some dedicated sidebar in your page to place the feed properly!

The premium version gives you three new styles to view pics. The Polaroid view which uses overlay effect to appear as a Polaroid picture.

The album view displays pictures by their username and hashtags.

And finally the badge view shows your Instagram profile, followers and photo!

It also has a moderation pellet that empowers you to select which picture to be seen and which be not!

It comes with auto reload, CSS and JS customization capabilities!

Instagram Theater

CodeCanyon’s anther big one, Instagram Theater lets you adjust and customize your pictures in numerous ways. The display layouts are list, grid and full screen.

You can now pull images out of usernames, popular feeds and hashtags.

Now even create custom multi user feeds for your every Instagram image.

The widget is fully responsive and needs API access for all of its features.

Social Role Instagram for WordPress

Social role is from CodeCanyon again! These guys don’t stop with their WP plugins do they?

Anyway, while most of its features is just like any other premium Instagram WP plugin one feature however is sort of really different.

They have video support!

Since Instagram is still a bit new on using videos so using a plugin that makes you use videos on your WP site makes a great impression!

It’s sure to grow bigger in Instagram and if you use it well then on your site as well!

And now lets talk about the free ones shall we?

Instagram for WordPress

It’s a free widget for Instagram WP features. It’s a sidebar Instagram widget which allows in latest pics, tagged photos, your feed, favorite photos and other user photos!

Instagram Slider Widget

It’s a free one, but real good looking and pretty responsive one too which can show up to around 20 pics from any Instagram user profile.

You can very easily link those images to any of your desired URL.

Without any complicated setting system or any API requirement, it’s very easy to use.

Instagrate to WordPress

This free widget lets you automatically update your WP site with your Instagram updates and changes.

Simply Instagram

Pretty simple Instagram WP plugin, it shows your Instagram pictures on your WP site using a widget or shortcode!

Insta Show

CodeCanyon again guys.

This supremely cool widget for any of your WP site needs for Instagram services, it gives you stunning galleries for your Instagram images.

This is a really responsive and ready for retina WordPress plugin that will support the galleries perfectly in any device!

Insta Show comes with more than 50 customizable parameters which allow you to have some great looking image sections and 10 really beautiful color schemes!

You will be the full on decision taker to allow which images to be displayed and which to be not!

You can even use hashtags along with images, or a username or a url too!

And even size up or down images however you want!