15+ Best Facebook Timeline like WordPress Themes 2017

Best Facebook Timeline Like WordPress Themes for WordPress

Facebook Timeline themes are great for getting the attention of people with the familiar look of Facebook towards your WP site.

A lot of people find it easy and “something familiar” when they see Facebook timeline like setup in your site and that is why many new web starters go for this theme to easily attract those who prefer this layout design.

Here we bring you some of the best Facebook Timeline like themes for WordPress, they are –



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Chronology from mythemeshop is a clean and attractive looking Facebook Timeline styled theme for WordPress that has got some really good amount of features.

Supportive with WooCommerce plugin this theme can let you create your own shop at your own site for your products.

The design is fully responsive for hassle free viewing on any size of screen device.

It also has a pretty powerful theme editor along with some custom widgets and a lot of shortcodes.

It is also translation ready so that you can grab a larger audience number.

All Google Fonts, a Premium support, lightbox display, SEO optimized page and unlimited color are some of the other features among many.


DW Timeline

DW Timeline is another premium Facebook Timeline styled theme for WordPress

This theme is made for portfolios and blog related contents, it supports Bootstrap 3 and comes with Theme Wrappers as well.

With a powerful editor and easy layout manager this theme is also very responsive for accessing the maximum amount of users.



Not only this is one of the best Facebook timeline styled theme for WordPress but is also designed for the posts to be viewed in a timeline format – meaning it uses a rad looking theme called as ‘tumblog’ that can display your social media posts from a variety of online place in real time!

Timeline is basically a wish come true for those who want to be seen differently than others and are “in” with pop culture and such things.

Timeline comes in light and dark, two versions with three different image sizes modifiable in their position and layout style like – circle image view, thin bordered square image view, thick bordered square image view and such.


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is a premium WordPress theme for Facebook timeline styled pages.

It is made especially for bistro and café themed websites and it also doubles up as a Facebook fan page for your shop/company in the food market.

The unique “café” like design of its layout comes from its large header contents and navigation menus.

This is a highly responsive design and can be very easily customized that can fit into any frame perfectly.

For those having their startup in café, small restaurants or bakery related business areas, this is a great theme selection.



Alterna theme for Facebook styled templates for WordPress is a multipurpose, highly responsive, retina ready theme additionally created for the original Alterna Multi-Purpose Theme.

It is specifically created to be sued as Facebook Fan Pages.

It has got you some nice and nifty features like two premium WordPress sliders – The Layer Slider that has 2D and 3D transitions and the other, the very popular revolution Slider.

Revolution Slider has got more than nine different layouts for portfolios, galleries, blogs, shortcodes and sortable options.

A very top of the line Facebook theme that are available out there it has very customizable theme editor to carve the site exactly to your desires.



If anyone is looking for some “wow” part in their Facebook timeline themes for WordPress then MetroStyle will not disappoint you there!

With quite possibly the boldest navigational menus ever this theme is going to rock your online joint.

The header navigational menu is a big squared colored designed which provides a modern “brochure” like look to your WP page and creates a neat square edges design.

Bundled with a huge load of features like homepage scrolling slider, 25 different skins and unlimited colors, this theme is very responsive and is multipurpose also.

Easily allows you to make your own Facebook fan page.


Iron band

This theme is as you can guess custom created for musicians, bands and other professionals from the entertainment industry.

It’s a lightweight designed theme with a large amount of suave options like an audio player, discography section, YouTube video player and a neat booking feature.

Iron Band is very easily customizable in almost all of its aspects like panels, colors, fonts, background images and size. It has a clean and fresh look with a nice Facebook Framework.

Iron Band easily creates a perfect Facebook fan Page and a website that matches the originally very well.



MediaStar is very clean, sophisticated and flexible theme for WordPress that offers a great amount of customizable options and features like a Facebook skin, timeline styled blogging theme including image and video sliders in the background.

MediaStar works seamlessly on a huge amount of devices with its great responsiveness.

A perfectly matching Facebook skin is for those who want the job already done for them when it comes to Facebook timeline like theme for their WP sites.

So if nothing else go with this one!


SmartChoice is a multipurpose advanced WordPress theme created with an massively boosted admin panel, custome shortcode wizard and a Visual Composer for easy usage.

Despite having so many features and options it is quite easy to use and understand by most and thus it is very favorable by us too.

It’s great for creating Facebook Fan Pages very easily since all you have to do is select the width of the content area to make it fit.

Its multipurpose aspect allows you to create many different designs and fan pages with it thus making it a valuable commodity for any social media designer or manager’s portfolio.


“Folio” – This is a word of the trade for photographers and now you know that this theme for Facebook timeline styled layout was created for photography related contents.

Although it is very versatile in its implementation and can be used by anyone to display whatever type of content in a portfolio manner they want to display.

The homepage button menu is quite possibly its biggest unique feature as it offers users the ways of view the site!

Either in blog style or portfolio style, now that’s neat!

There can be many options used for the display like the masonry style and such with customization available of course.

A very popular one this theme surely deserves a look from you.


One of the easiest Facebook timeline styled themes for WordPress, Flatco is a multipurpose and a highly responsive theme.

It has been used to create some very good looking modern websites and some really awesome Facebook fan pages too. Using its handy drag and drop option you will create exquisite designs in a matter of minutes.

Flatco has got you some 28 shortcode based elements and each of them can be modified with many different kinds of options.

The home page ahs eight different styles in variation including a layered slider format that makes your messages come out loud and clear.

It is a perfect theme for those individual WP site owners who dwell in rich imagery using. Responsive and parallax using Facebook fan pages that rock the visitors with its awesomeness.


Example WordPress theme for Facebook Timeline styled layouts is a great ‘example’ of a minimalist portfolio theme.

It can fit nicely into Facebook Framework because the width can easily be set to 790px.

The navigational menu in it is a vertical sidebar menu which is also interactive in turn making it a fun experience every time you use it.

The portfolio pages are loaded with a transparent hover and all this makes Example’s look very quaint, elegant and unique for sure.

With nine different formats to choose from for posting your contents and a load more of unique portfolios and pages to add with a little of extra colors it is quite customizable as you can see.

But we would rather recommend it is great as it is.

This can also be doubled up for a unique Facebook fan page creation experience.

New Idea

New Idea Facebook Timeline styled theme for WordPress Facebook Fan Pages is both classic as well as modern theme in its face book fan pages designing available at the moment.

It is of fixed deign with a width area that inputs its main focus on directing you to the navigational tabs at the bottom end of the screen…

…While grabbing your attention with beautiful width layered full sliders.

With the Penguin Admin panel you can easily customize the theme’s height, colors, number of portfolio displays ad many of its other feature and components.

One of the best looking themes for Facebook timeline imitation, New Idea is a dark theme but it is still light enough to be considered fresh, lively and neat.

If you already have the original version of it then all you have to do is to update the databases and it will be running like before.


If you are feeling to take some risks and would like to take a “leap” of faith then what is wrong in using a custom made Facebook timeline styled theme, already created and ready for usage.

Leap is custom made but looks more of a Facebook Fan Page and it has got everything to quickly create a great, awesome looking personal website, facebook fan page or blog.

With a little room for customization of course, thus it is very different from others and is quite probably for those who just want to “get on with it already”.


BizStream is very clean and made in a corporate styled theme which is pretty out of the box and is readily usable in any way of implementation that you want.

The neat and clean design of this theme is efficient for making your WP site look like a professional Facebook Fan Page that has got a front page button for “opt in”.

It is ready to be used with the premium WooCommerce plugin to sell your digital or physical merchandises from your own site right away, it also has a layered slider and unlimited portfolio support option.

Easily set up the width of your page to the way you want it and easily create Facebook fan pages as well, if you want it your way then this is your theme.


UpNews is masonry grid styled multipurpose them for Facebook timeline imitation which is a must have one for any social media manager or designer for creating a huge amount of Facebook Fan Pages.

Extremely easy to be used by anyone this theme, UpNews is super customizable and easily “ups” its game than others with its so many features.

The original overall design is already pretty sick and rad and does not need any kind of modification whatsoever, but of course you can do that if you want.

The reds and the blacks in this theme are perfectly assimilated to work for a very attractive layout design.

The whole them gives the air of a news paper  or a magazine in quite many ways.

For any of your fast and quick magazine styled and radiant themed solutions in WP themes this one truly deserves a large share of the cake.