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Best Content Builder Plugin 2018

Are you a WordPress user? Then, you might have wondered how some bloggers out there craft beautiful looking posts with stunning layouts.

No, you are not alone. I used to do the same. Once I figured out the way to do it, I can’t help myself from keep on following the same method for almost all of my blog posts.

So, how they do it?

Content builders! Yeah, that’s how they do it. You want a content builder or a page builder plugin to create awesome designs for your blog posts.

Then the question arises. Which one is the best content builder plugin? Well, the entire article you are reading now contains ten answers to this question.

Best Content Builder Plugins for WordPress

Are you ready to dive into the list? Here you go!

If you ask me one answer, I will definitely cast my vote for Thrive Content Builder or Thrive architect. In my experience, it is the best one out there.

Yeah, it is a paid plugin. Means you have to spend money to get your hands on it, but not a lot of bucks. Once you install the plugin, you will be able to edit your existing posts via TCB. All you have to do is clicking the Edit with Thrive Content Builder option.

What you get is a front-end content editing screen. You can select elements from the sidebar to add there. It is even possible for you to display lightboxes with separate triggering options.

You will have readymade landing page layouts as well. The video documentation makes you an expert in using TCB.

Note - This Page is been designed with Thrive Architect and Thrive Themes

#2. Live Composer

I know some of you wrinkled their forehead after figuring out TCB is a paid plugin. I have been there too. Many of you may not be in a position to spend money given that you are in initial phase of digital marketing.

Don’t worry! Here comes a free alternative; Live Composer. You can make use over 30 modules to build beautiful landing pages and posts. The live building helps you realize how the page looks like when it gets published.

#3. Divi Builder

If you have been using WordPress since long, you might have heard of Elegant Themes. It is a WP themes marketplace. They also have a plugin named Divi Builder that helps you craft beautiful pages out of the blue.

Unlike TCB, Divi works in the backend hand in hand with the default WordPress content editor. Still, it gives head-to-head competition to the previous one.

The best thing about Divi is it can make your site looks stunning no matter which WP theme you use. There are 40+ modules available. If you are good at CSS, you can modify everything according to your vision.

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#4. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Next up in this list of best content builders for WordPress is a free plugin called Page Builder by Site Origin. Simply put, it provides you with the ability to add widgets to content areas of your pages.

No, not the native widgets! The plugin does give us a set of widgets (just like modules). In case you are not satisfied with the built-in widgets come up with the plugin, you can install a separate bundle for exquisite features like CTA buttons.

The process is simple. Install the plugin, go to page editor, and choose Page Builder tab. There you go! The rest depends upon your ability to design new layout.

#5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer holds the title of best selling plugin on CodeCanyon and it is one of the oldest content builders available for WordPress.

You have to pay about $34 to get your hands on it. Just like any other builder, it has enough modules that make you capable of building fantastic pages. The skin builder helps you separately stylize modules.

Moreover, you can extend the functionality by purchasing add-ons available for Visual Composer.

#6. Page Builder by

Page Builder by WR is another free addition to our list of best content builder plugins for WordPress. It offers a live preview feature that helps you see changes live in action without switching to and fro.

There are enough elements available like pricing table, content list etc. If you want, you can also insert widgets as well.

The drag-and-drop nature will surely help you build amazing landing pages and posts without getting your hands with codes.

#7. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is available in different pricing packages. The standard version costs you $99. You get 20 modules with it along with 15 page templates.

In order to make your site looks even stunning, you get a complimentary theme. The import and export features help you clone and move layouts.

The only complaint I have is its tad pricey nature.

#8. Elementor Page Builder

The 4.9 rating of Elementor on the WP repository itself proclaims the quality of the plugin.

Even though the plugin is free, what you get is a professional plugin which has the ability to make others say wow.

All the layouts created by Elementor are fully responsive. You get 30+ widgets and 15 templates as well. Whenever you make a change, it will become visible for you to see live in action.

The recent update brought a new feature called revision history that helps you pull out the different versions of the same page (same as that of WordPress post revisions).

#9. Themify Builder

Themify is a WP themes marketplace. And, their builder offers quite a handful of promising features.

The plugin has both front-end and back-end editing modes. You can choose whatever you want. I prefer the later, though.

You will be amazed to see the end-results from Themify Builder. Along with the usual features, it provides animations, shortcode support, cache system and a lot more.

In order to get your hands on the plugin, you have to pay $39. If you want to have enhanced features with the help of add-on bundle, you should shell out $59.

#10. Forge – Front-End Page Builder

Last, but not the least in this list of best page builders for WordPress is a free plugin, named Forge.

It is one of the fastest builders available today. And, you can enhance the functions with the help of pro add-ons as well.

The front-end builder can help you design full-paged landing pages. In case you don’t have any fresh ideas, you must go for the paid bundles as you will have readymade landing page templates with it.

Final Verdict

I have already told you my verdict. My vote always goes to Thrive Content Builder.

As a person who used multiple content builder plugins in the past, my experience makes me stay with TCB. Yeah, it is a paid plugin. In case you want a free solution, Live Composer is the best.

Don’t overlook the power of design. Many affiliate sites improved their conversion rate with the help of Thrive Content Builder. So, find funds and buy it. You will not regret your decision.