10+ Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes 2017

Having a WordPress theme for your website is inevitable these days. The WordPress themes not only improve the display on the website, but also support functionality and come with a lot of features to make the website user friendly.

Due to the huge appreciation these themes get, the excitement has extended over to waiting for the WordPress themes that are not yet released. Therefore, here is the list of best coming soon WordPress themes that will blow your mind.

10+ Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes 2017


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Uncode is a thoroughly though, well planned and greatly executed WordPress theme yet to make an impact on the market. The theme has quality colors and impressive layouts that will look extra ordinary on any of your website type. With highly responsive Bootstrap design and other premium features, the theme is promised to be one of the finest themes waiting to be out.


The highlighting feature of the theme Caelus is that it comes with the MailChimp support. It is easy to get started with MailChimp and can receive and store emails from the users visiting the website. The theme is highly responsive and holds eight different types of widgets, which you can use to design your website in any manner you like.




MyCountdown WordPress theme offers everything needed for a “coming soon” website theme in a very unique manner. The timer is animated to showcase falling droplets from a vial till the timer slowly approaches zero and the theme comes with email support too. You can arrange the position of social media icons so that anyone who wants to share can easily take the necessary step.


With the ability to be highly customized, Paragon has hundreds of Google Fonts and unlimited color schemes to offer. The theme comes with three background layouts which include; a full screen image, a full screen slider and a full screen video. The theme is highly customizable and anything from the position of timer to the position of the social media icons can be aligned accordingly.


With three different backgrounds to choose from, Aitasi is a unique and amazing “Under Construction” WordPress theme. All the backgrounds are elegantly designed and are sure to add an extra star on your website. The theme has all the email support you need, easing the signup process and also you can align your favorite social media icons for easy sharing methods.


Launcher is stunning a takeover to any ordinary “Coming Soon” website. The theme offers three different page layouts which includes a modern look, a retro feel and a playful design to meet any type of website’s requirement. Any device with small screen can also load the complete website with clear displays. Email services like MailChimps are fully supportive along with all the social media you can get.


Ever heard of a WordPress theme with features loaded like fishes in the net, it’s Verko. This theme has so many features to explore and MailChimp and Social Media icons are just the starting phase of it. The amazing thing is that Verko is not just any “Coming Soon” themes; you can actually design your entire website using Verko after it is launched. Everything a website theme is present in Verko, there is no doubt about it.


You can count on Anticipate for any “Coming Soon” feature. The theme is designed to be very simple and straightforward including only the things that are useful and are actually needed. The theme portrays efficiency and affectivity, it has full email and social media support allowing easy publicity and advertisement of the big countdown.


Developed by MatchThemes, Cronos is a very stylish and modern theme. Perfectly suitable for any “Coming Soon” event, Cronos is designed to meet all the requirements of a user. It has a prominent countdown timer and an “About” section where you can describe your feelings clearly. The theme also has many useful features which allow total visitor support and let you handle the website easily.


This is another theme which has received a lot of appreciation lately. The careful color presentation and the unique design make this theme a very preferred choice for any “Coming Soon” category. The theme is easily manageable and comes with basic needs any theme in this category requires. Easy custom options and high response is also expected from this theme.

Every theme on the list makes a unique appearance based on their caliber, display, functionality, etc. You can use any of the above WordPress themes or all, if you wish too. Don’t forget to leave a reply to talk to us about which ones are worthy to be on this list.