best buddypress plugins

10 Best BuddyPress Plugins for WordPress Users 2017

10 best BuddyPress plugins for you!

best buddypress plugins

So you are about to start a wordpress site for your expanding network?


That is great but here are a few things to remember –

WordPress sites require a lot of patching software, modulated content and DLC (downloadable contents) –small software that add some specific feature to your plain old WP site.

That is where plugins come in!

Plugins are nothing but small patches of software with individual purposes to perform that when added in your website they allow for all those share and hosting services and more that were not available from the beginning!

Now that is cleared here are a few of the most helpful BuddyPress Plugins for you to choose from –

  1. UserPro

It’s a premium login plugin that allows users on your network to easily and safely login and manage their data too.

Of course you do not want yourself and your members to be all unsafe with their unprotected and mishandled personal data and passwords, do you?

Every time someone would login to your site, and you don’t have a login protection system, like this plugin offers, it’s gonna be a disaster.

So it’s a must one!

  1. WPMU Dev Chat Plugin

This premium plugin is incredibly good for great user interaction within your website plus it offers some serious customer support services for your users!

This allows for a full integration and both its (yes there’s a free one of this plugin!) avatars give you a small corner chat window, which allows you and your users to directly chat with you or anyone!

Users are free to join one on one or group chats and any modification in regards to the chat window size, theme or color is totally doable!

Some additional features are assigning avatars, roles, archiving chat history, polls and much more!

  1. BuddyPress for Learndash

BuddyPress for LearnDash , makes you connect a Learning Management System (LMS) to your BuddyPress site.

It has two premium offers, first is “basic” package offer for 99USD and second one is “full” package offer for 129 USD.

This if for large corporations, small businesses, organizations or any professional/industrial group that wants to install LMS in their Buddy Press systems!

With Learndash, BuddyPress and BuddyPress for Learndash you will be able to create private groups for your course participants.

You will also be able to monitor the activities of your WP groups with an optional activity stream.

The admin will be able to initiate courses, their completion, grading and moderation of the comments.

With this plugin you can also –

  • Select the release date of the course content for your students at will
  • Sell your e-courses as either one time thing or a renewable process
  • Divide class participants and select a moderator for that group
  • Award points and/or certification among class participants.
  • Offer your course content via media (audio-video-images etc)

  1. MarketPress – WordPress e-Commerce

If you want to create an online shopping site then MarketPress will allow you to do everything, from digital downloading to material goods, all can be sold!

It also has more than 15 payment processing options in built in it!

MarketPress makes it super easy to browse through the site, add stuffs to the cart and then checkout and perfect delivery process.

Any purchase you users make, it shall automatically register with their (your) BuddyPress feed if you use MarketPress!

  1. BuddyBoss Wall

It adds a profile wall design, same like a Facebook wall to make your WP site just like Facebook!

It also gives you a inter-network news and notification system and also provides with many privacy options too!

  1. BuddyBoss Reply by email 

With this plugin, every time a new post, comment or anything new happens at your site, you and all of your members will see and will also be able to reply to that new notification via their email!

  1. Buddypress member Type 

  If your site has a set of different user categories then you need Buddy Press member Type Plugin and fast!

 If you have a specific site that demands multiple segments of members, like if you have a freelance work site then you must have a freelancer’s area or contractor’s area or something like that!

Then Buddy press member Type will help you with that arrangement!

  1. BuddyPress Activity Plus 

It’s a no brainer that we all need to do many things, where we hang most of our online time!

Like uploading or sharing media, music and whatnot!

This plugin will help you give that freedom to your users just the right way.

Using this plugin will add three clicks to your site’s activity stream through which people can upload or share pictures, videos and web links too!

  1. WordPress social login

Well now, every social network website needs its default social login option!

Without that you are just missing a part of your networking soul man!

So this plugin will help you get exactly that.

  1. iFlyChat

 Wordpress Chat – of course it’s quite understandable, without a chatting system you just can’t imagine a social networking website, now can you?

It’s like you are missing sugar from your cake!

With fully integrated software that supports avatar visibility plus a link to the profile page, this one’s a keeper!

  1. BuddyPress Default Data

 A very important plugin as well!

It basically tests and retests all your given commands and guidelines for your WP site’s synchronization into a final check.

If it all went well then you will be passed to run your site live.

  1. BuddyForms Members

If you want people on your site to post their comments, then you will probably need the help of BuddyForms Members plugin.

Install it, run it and enjoy the chit chat of your ever growing network.

So all in all, these are a few must have plugins for your new or first BuddyPress venture, hope you had some help with this, thanks.