How to Backup Or Restore Blogger Template

How to Backup/Restore Blogger Template –

Every blogger edit or change blog template for unique looking or add any gadgets. In this process somebody fell in some problem for wrong script entry or some mistake. So any changes in template or scripts must take back up your previous blogger template. Today I am going to show how to backup or restore blogger template.

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How to backUp Blogger Template

First Login into your Blogger account.

How to Backup/restore template
How to Backup/restore template

Now go Template section, click on Backup/Restore button. It will pop up a layer, now click download full template.

Blogger- All Blog Tricks - Template 2014-02-05 05-54-54
Now your blog templates successfully backup in your computer. Your downloaded template is in .xml format.

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How to restore blogger template

Now if you want to go back to your previous template.
In similar process open Backup/Restore. Browse and add your downloades template start upload.

Blogger- All Blog Tricks - Template 2014-02-05 10-13-59

Now your blog template replace with your old template. Isn’t Easy!!

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