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Affiliate Lights- Earn recurring commission every month

Now everyone know what is affiliate market?  Which ones call affiliate product? And how they work? May be you already promoting many products as an affiliate or you willing to join an affiliate market?  This post is for you. Today I’m going to discuss about a new affiliate market that pay recurring commission.

Here I not only tell about this affiliate market but also I share some benefits of using this affiliate market. It’s not easy to make huge money from affiliate market form day 1. Its need lot of hard work and patient. You can read our guide how to make your first affiliate sell quickly. By the way this post is not about how to sell affiliate product /how to sell product as a pro marketer.

 This post is on a new affiliate market and this new affiliate market name is affiliate lights. To earn money from this affiliate market you have to sell blog engage membership.

What is Blog engage?

If you are a blogger you will heard this community name many times. Blog engage is premium blogging community where you can share your blog posts for traffic.

Benefits of using blog engage blogging community

  1. Huge number of traffic to your blog
  2. Get connected with top blogger
  3. Thousands of free just retweet credits
  4. Automatic post submission
  5. Twitter marketing with hash tags
  6. Social media marketing
  7. YouTube video syndication.
  8. Etc.

How to join blog engage blogger community?

 Go in this link. Purchase one month membership plan.

Why I promote one month membership plan?

You might be think that here I say blog engage is best blogging community for sake of commission. Here to prove blogengage is best blogging community I refer their one month subscription plan and I’m 100% sure you will get your desire result within one month.

How to join Affiliate lights program?

Go affiliate light, Create your account, for first time they take some time to manually verify your website after approving you can access their affiliate materials from affiliate lights dashboard.

 Some Benefits of joining affiliate lights –

10GBP signup bonus – I never see any affiliate market that pay 10GBP bonus just for signup. Yes friends, after signup you will get instantly 10GBP bonus from affiliates lights.

15 GBP for promoting – Just raining money 🙂 Get another 15 GBP for promoting their product. To get this 15 GBP write about their affiliate product and add their banner in your blog sidebar.

25% recurring commission – I always prefer recurring commission instead of one time commission. Recurring commission just secure my monthly earning and affiliate lights 25% recurring commission just suits my needs.

High conversation rate – blog engage standard account monthly cost very low. As we know lost cost products conversation rates are much higher than high cost product.

Track record – easily track number of page view, number of unique visitors, Number of sales from their dashboard.

 Some other features are different types of banners, custom keyword tracking, video tutorial etc.

Join Affiliate Lights ( Its FREE)

Now share your thoughts, What your thinking on Affiliate lights ? Are use it already or not. If you have any query regarding this affiliate network ask me below in comment section.

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  1. Thanks Hamim for sharing this article… i m banned from adsense and looking for alternative… this looks interesting and i m going to get into it… Keep sharing such informative content… cheers

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