Adsterra Review : Make Money from Your Website using AdsTerra Ads

You have tried many ad networks, split-tested with different ad placements, sent paid traffic, and even used an ad blocker. Nothing seems to be working for you. Every day of yours ends with a disappointing income figure.

Can you relate to the above situation? Then, it’s time for you to try a new ad network. What’s that?

Well, I have done my research and found a working advertising network for you. And, it is AdsTerra.

AdsTerra Review

Being started four years ago, back in 2013, AdsTerra has been constantly striving hard to meet every publisher requirement. Given that AdSense has made their terms of service strict and banned bloggers in bulk, pay check from Google became only a dream for many. What AdsTerra excels the most at is pop-under ads. They never have a skip button, allowing you to make the most out of your visitors, restricting the leakage of even a single dime.

Let’s have a look at the features now.

Features of AdsTerra

I have tried AdsTerra and spent hours of time to research about. The following are the features every publisher finds interesting.

·         Various Ad Types

You know you have to diversification is the best technique in digital marketing that helps you multiplies your earnings. That’s why AdsTerra offers different types of advertisements for you to implement on your blog and monetize everyone visiting your site.

As stated earlier, their most sought and promoted ad type is pop-unders, which don’t need any trigger to get activated. Neither do they disturb the visitors from consuming the content they are looking for as well.

The second type is advertising banners that almost every single ad network provides you with. AdsTerra’s banner ads are optimized for conversion, thereby giving you the maximum pageviews to revenue ratio.

Along with these two, you can apply push-ups, mobile interstitials and a few more too.

·         Maximum eCPM Rates

AdsTerra guys make sure you earn the best from your large user-base with their ad campaigns spreading across different business models (CPA, CPI, CPC, etc.). Once you connect your domain to the network, you will never get a chance to regret as you use all your time to count the money rolling out of it.

I highly recommend you to use AdsTerra ads on your site with high traffic figures because the most served ads are pop-undders and people don’t bother clicking such ads. For the same reason, you have to have some good number of page views to earn something significant from the impressions.

·         Easy to Use Admin Panel

Even the AdSense interface may look intimidating to a new user given there are too many options to be explored. But AdsTerra has a streamlined interface for the admin panel to help you find the needed option in a flash of the second.

The reporting page gives you only the needed figures, not everything you have zero ideas about. In the light of the statistical data from the reporting pages, you can play with the ad placements (for banner ads) to have the best conversion.

AdsTerra even released an API for those, who want a deep analytical option to know how the ads perform on their sites.

·         Biweekly Payment with Various Modes

Unlike most of the ad networks that follows a monthly payment pattern, AdsTerra pays their publishers biweekly. Once you reach the threshold amount of $100, you can see your account balance rising as two weeks pass. Provided the short duration for the payment, you will never feel like waiting a lot to get the money.

You can receive the payment in the following ways from AdsTerra.

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Web Money
  • Paxum
  • Payza
  • Payoneer

The wire transfer follows a different pattern in the threshold payment as you need to cross $1000 mark to get the money to your bank account. And, they will charge you $45 for that as well. I don’t see any reasons for you not to take other feasible options like PayPal, which charges comparatively less for the transaction and has low threshold limit as well.

·         Cross-Platform Support and Localization

When it comes to banner ads, not every image may pass the responsive test. And it results in reducing the overall performance of your site on mobiles and affects your revenue too.

In order to overlook this issue, AdsTerra team deliberately made their algorithm to deliver responsive advertising banners only. They analyze your audience’s platform and deliver the bests that look flamboyant on their devices.

As they analyzes user IPs and targets them by presenting localized ads, you will reap the benefits with the maximum user engagements on ads.

·         No-Fraud-Ads and Responsive Customer Support

I have seen many sites hosting advertisements pointing to malware containing pages. It sums up some ad networks never mind having malicious scripts and files get promoted via their platform.

You bet AdsTerra doesn’t come under the category as they carry out a security test every 72 hours to rule out all the irrelevant campaigns out of their database. So, your audience won’t suffer and of course, your credibility doesn’t get deteriorated.

AdsTerra gives you a personal account manager for you clear your doubts and report any issue you come across on the network. Moreover, you can raise tickets to solve any issue you face as well. They want you to make more money (so that they can earn more for sure).

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Final Verdict

Does AdSense give you low earning or did it ban your domain forever?

Then, AdsTerra is the solution you are looking for. They have got everything an ideal ad network wants; from banner to pop-unders. You will always want to use it once you sign up for them and get a chance to have a look at the reporting panel too.

What are you waiting for? Just create an account, link with your site, and drive the maximum traffic now.

  • Flexibility
  • Support


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