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Top WordPress Ad Management Plugins 2016

Advertisement is the best way to earn money this time, We’ve all heard the big success stories of people earning thousands of dollars a month from Google AdSense and from others, but in practice those successes are difficult. Managing all those ads are become very difficult. Sometimes it’s very difficult to configure. Many bloggers never come close to reaching their high payout threshold.

But this time we have opportunity cause we are using WordPress .There are lots of plugins to help you but we have enlisted some of the best plugins to help you out.

Let’s make more money……….

Ad Management Plugins –

OIO Publisher

OIO PUBLISHER is the best ad management tool available as a plugin for WordPress. Most of the popular sites use this plugin to earn huge money. This Ad Management plugin for WordPress platform allows your advertisers to purchase ad spaces directly by eliminating the middle man. Your only work is to validate their ads with a click of a button. So, you can focus on creating good content for your blog, and let OIO PUBLISHER do the advertising manager work.

It handles reporting, payments, tracking, and much more for you. Since it is a premium plugin, there are a number of support options available as well.

Buy Now – $47



AdPress is a premium advertising plugin. It’s a powerful and fully featured solution to sell and display ads for your WordPress blog. It,s very easy to set up and Fully Responsive. It allows you to design your ad and to preview how Ads will look like. It has Customizable Ad spots output (with HTML and CSS) by which you can easily manage your ads and have PayPal Integration with Sandbox mode and refunds support.

It has integrated Purchase history recorder which helps you to easily review your Incomes.

Buy Now – $40

WP Pro Advertising System

Pro Advertising system

The “WP PRO Advertising System”  is another best plugins that allows you to manage advertisements on your WordPress site.

You don’t have to look further it provides over 18 ways to display ads including sidebar widgets, fly-in ads, pop-ups, corner peelers, text links, and even the ability to turn the entire page background into an ad.

WP PRO Advertising System also provides statistics on clicks, impressions, and CTR, and integrates with Google Analytics. The best part is that you can let your advertisers upload their banners directly from their desktops, you don’t have to do that work yourself.

Buy Now – $29

Ad Sanity

AdSanity is an intuitive and easy-to-use premium ad rotator plugin for WordPress. You can display single ads or groups of ads using two different widgets. Ads can be set to display indefinitely, or for a specified duration.

The custom reports feature sets this plugin apart. It allows you to create and export detailed reports with charts to give to your advertisers.

Quick and easy to set up and use,Display a single ad, or group of ads as a widget,Supports 3rd party ad networks such as Google AdSense,Generate detailed custom reports for your advertisers.

Buy  Now – $29

BuySellAds (PRO)

buy sell ads pro

BuySellAds Pro is a good solution if you are already selling ads on your site and need a more powerful solution then you should try it It provides you an easy to use Graphical User Interface to sell, serve, and manage ads on your site. Using BuySellAds publishers would be able to sale direct ads, programmatic ad sales, and could make use of advance serving in one place.

It Connects inventory directly with the advertisers to make spotless decisions. The best thing is that it doesn’t matters whether a person owns a website, mobile site or in-app for tablets and smart phones because it supports all platforms. You must try it.


Ad Plugg

ad plugg

Ad Plugg is a unique plugin because it includes analytics and other ad tracking features in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of each ad you publish.

You can control your ads with the ad manager . Simply log in through to gain access to all of the controls, and settings that the ad manager provides.


Advanced Advertising System

Advance advertising system

 Being a free plugin it holds so much features like Creating campaigns for each advertiser and attach them to the zones.It allows you to Choose the pricing model for the campaign(CPM, CPC, CPP).

You can also Specify the price for each zone slot for different advertisers depends on the priority. Advanced Advertising System will stand by to always serve you.

A pro version of Advanced Advertising System is also available to give more better support.


Ad Rotate


AdRotate is plugin with flooded feature in it .It lets you easily manage all the ads in your websites.It is fully functional with Google AdSense, DFP and most other referrer/ad servers.

Its  lets you Free use of AdRotate Geo, AJdG Solutions’ exclusive Geo Targeting services.You can also Get push notifications right on your iOS or Android device about adverts and important events.


 Simple Ads Manager
simple ad manager

It’s a free plugin that comes with handy features like support for Double Click codes for publishers, flexible Ads Zone selector, custom default ad, flexible logic advertisements and a lot of customization options. More flexibility of displaying ads by using Ads Zone selector.

It lets you automatically Counting revenue from ads placement, display ads and clicks on advertisements.


Advanced Ads

advance ads

Advanced Ads is easy to install and set up it lets you easily place ads on your site and uses a page similar to the post editor to do so. You can also set up ad rotations, scheduling, set expiry dates, and you choose where ads are shown.

Ads can be displayed on all or specific pages, posts and even tags. You can also choose which visitors see your ads and use placements in your theme to change ads and groups in template files without coding.


I hope that we are not missing any of the best Plugins and don’t forget to give your precious comments…….

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