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Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting my page. It’s pleasure to share something about me with you.

About Me

My Name is Md Hamim Mondal, I’m the owner of Mytrickschool.com,  I’m from India, west Bengal. Currently i’m pursuing computer science and technology diploma course from elite polytechnic institution, Mogra. I came into this field at the age of 19. Now I  fixed blogging as my career.

When I Start Blogging ?

As I said I started my blogging career at the age of 19 . On that time (frankly) I mainly focused on money rather than blogging. I mainly provided pirated movie download links as blog posts from a free blogger account. On that time despite of proper SEO I was able to generate 10k+ visitors per day. But as soon as I got my first DMCA complain notice, my blog was taken down by google within few days. After that I had to quit from doing any shit blogging and started learning about blogging and SEOs from different blogs.

Educational Life

I completed my schooling in Pandua Sashi Bhusan Saha High School , Pandua, Hooghly, West Bengal from 5th to 12th . After that I was start studying BSC Math (H) from Sree Gopal Banerjee college, Mogra. But due to some family issues I was not able to complete my honors degree. In the year 2014 I  took admission in computer science and technology diploma course from elite polytechnic institute mogra.

Meantime I also learn HTML, CSS and PHP from different institutions.

Mytrickschool Journey

I started my MyTrickSchool blog on 05.01.2014. Actually I want to start this blog at the beginning of 2014. But due to my laziness it takes 5 more days. I mainly created this blog to share tutorials for aspirant  bloggers.  Because at my early stage I faced too much problem on my blogger blog customization and optimization . For those reasons I mainly started mytrickschool to provide valuable information for newbies .  After that I slowly increase my blog categories to store vast area of blogging tips in one place.

My Favorite  Persons

I love my Father! By occupation he is a doctor by he is truly genius in all types of engineering works despite of having experience in those fields, I wander sometime and feel proud that how can a man repair a computer which a hardware engineer failed to repair(its only an example from so many).

I also have a great friend cum brother. He is Nasim Khan. He is my childhood friend , classmate and now my co-dreamer means business partner.

My Ongoing Project

Me and My friend ( Nasim Khan) now unitedly started a company so called H.N.Infotech, Pandua, Hooghly.  From where  we mainly focused to aware people about blogging and its power to be self independent . Nasim Khan  also gives monthly coaching about blogging in exchange of small amount of money.

Beside this I also keep learning many new things everyday to upgrade my knowledge and be updated. In this blogging journey I failed many times, But every time I got that failure as a lesson. Now I have more than 5+ niche blogs and all of them are working great.

My Future Project

I have planned a lot to achieve in this year. Every day I am working hard and praying my allah to achieve my targets in a right manner. My dream plan is to make mytrickschool as a big brand. I also want to develop some wordpress plugin and themes and the big plan is I want to create a e-commerce site like others big fishes in India.






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