7 Proven methods to make money from facebook in 2016

Searching for how to earn money from facebook ? Want to make passive income form facebook? If yes, then this post is suitable for you. Here I disclose 7 proven methods that will help you to earn huge money from facebook.

Facebook is the second biggest brand after Google. It has over 2 billion daily active users all over the world. Just imagine how much people are using this social networking site to connect with their friends. No doubt this the best place to market for any product. But before starting marketing of any product you have to take some proper step otherwise you will not make a single penny from it.


Steps are – 

  • First create a facebook  page.
  • Bring huge number of like on your page.
  • Make your page like a celebrity page.
  • Regularly update it with good content, images and videos.
  • Get at least 5k like on your page then start your business on it.

Note – you can take advantage of having a blog. But today I’m going to show you how to earn money from face book without having any blog. If you have a blog, it’s an advantage for you.

7 ways to make money from Facebook

1. Sell your own product – If you are owner of any eBook or a video or a software, you can sell it via your face book page. To get maximum sell promote only relevant product on your page. If your facebook page based on software, then share their software related posts not an eBook.

Tips to boost your product sell –

  • Sell relevant product.
  • Sell that product which has demand in users.
  • Give highest discount offer.

Repeat and rinse these three steps to get maximum sell.

2. Sell affiliate product – If you haven’t any own product  still you can earn money online. In the web thousands of affiliate network available. Join some best affiliate market and promote their product inside your facebook page. Now whenever you made any sell you will get handsome percentage of commission from them.

Tips to boost affiliated product sell –

  • Do research before joining any affiliate program.
  • Bring hottest product from them for users.
  • Offer discount coupon
  • Sell low price products for better result.

Example  – clickbank, Shareasale etc.

3.Create a face book application – If you know PHP or other software developing language, then develop a facebook application or Facebook game and earn money from that. Millions of facebook users are play facebook game and use facebook application. First of all you have to create a useful application/game that attracts users.

You can earn money from this 3 ways –

  • Sell this application
  •  Add donate button in the application
  • Show ad inside your application.

4.Link Shortener – This is one of an oldest method. If your facebook page have huge number of fans, use this methods for better result. But now face book banned directly share shorten links, so use it carefully.
How to share shorten links –
First shorten your links then again shorten that link on bit.ly then share it on facebook.

Some link shortener name that pays  – adf.ly, linkbucks etc.

5. Referral program – Do you know PTC program? PTC program is paid to click program where you can earn money by visiting a website, read an email , doing a survey and many more. But the best thing is you will get up to 50% commission by referring others. So you can share your referral link on your facebook page which indirectly makes money for you.

 Example- neobux.com, clixsense.com etc.

6. Sponsor post – If your facebook page has huge number of fans you might be offer for sponsor post. A sponsor post means you will get paid by sharing other posts on your facebook page time line.

7. Get paid for likes – Above all of these this method is pretty ordinary. But you can try this, you will get paid by like any webpage.

These are the effective ways you can make money from facebook . But its not easy to make money from it, you have to make your facebook page as a brand to make hundred dollars from it. keep presence do hard work you will definitely archive your target. If you are using any other method and earn money from facebook? Do share your unique method in comment. And if you get any obstacle doing this then we are here to make smile on your face by helping you in every step.

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