Make Money as a Freelance writer

11 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

There was a time when writing associated to the field of print media or book publications. On that time, it was hard to believe to that earning can be made from freelance writing in the coming days. But now it’s possible.

Yes!!! It is technology which has changed everything thing. It’s too easy to make money without going to the office.

If you own a creative mind having a lot of innovative ideas to rule over the world then you can choose writing field. Here, we are going to explore about the ways to make money as a freelance writer. Let’s check out the whole blog.

11 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

1. E-commerce writer

In the modern time, where everything revolves around the internet, E-commerce writer are high-in-demand.

And you can earn good enough.

Every shop wish to turn into an E-commerce site to fetch a lot of new customers towards it. And customers never wish to purchase anything without checking out its review and product description.

Be it jewelry, clothing or any kind of stuff, e-commerce sites wish to have creative writer to explore their stuff in an interesting manner.

They want an eye-catching and interesting product description on their site which explore about the product in a discreet manner.

And one of the important things that the e-commerce sites pay you a good amount for good writing as it can play a wide role to add more new customers.

2. Game and App Scripter

Being a freelance writer, you may go for Game and app Scripting. There is a number of companies providing the App on the demand of their customers.

And they wish to have a writer to explore about the Game and the App meticulously. These Apps are also served to Google Play and App Store where buyer can purchase it after checking out its reviews and description.

Saying would not be wrong that interesting description of the game or App help to get purchased. If you have interest in Gaming or new age Application then you can go freelancing.

It does not help you to make money but it will help you to increase your information too.

3. Review writer

if you love online shopping then I am sure that you always check out the Reviews of the product to confirm if you are going to make the right decision or not.

Well!!! Some of them review are not genuine since they have been written by Review writer.

YEs!!! Review writer is the new types of Freelance writing job where you have to write as a customer and have to serve your Review.

And review writing is a little bit different from the WRITING AS it must not be too polished as a writing.

Customer always leave their review in a very rough language and that’s why you must take care of your language at the time of writing reviews.

4. Ad writer

There would be many advertisements which have left you speechless because of its unique concept.

Yes! There are many advertising companies who have been looking for a creative writer or you can say script writer.

Here, you can pamper your hobby of writing. You can be get assigned as a freelancer. You just need to share your script on the given topic.

It’s a great way of earning. Being an Ad scriptwriter, you need to be more creative. It’s only ideas which can play to increase your earning.

5. Translator

if you have a great grip over two or more languages then you can kick off your career freelance writer in the field of Translation.

There is a number of web portal and news channels required Translator. Being a Freelancer translator, you can make good earning.

There is a great demand for translator jobs & you can find the jobs on or even dozens of other freelance sites.

6. Journalist

After news channel and newspaper, media has turned into E-Media. There are various news web portals which are serving news and articles to their readers in order to keep them engaged.

Being a freelance writer, you can make money by writing news. There are various sections to write like entertainment, movie review, gadgets, sports etc. As per your choice, you can go along with your section.

7. Publish Your Book/eBook

Do you have an interest in book writing? Now, it’s easy. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it pretty much possible.

You can make money by writing your own book. You need to upload book on Kindle and inform the peoples as much as you can through social sites.

This is one of the lucrative way of making money & you can refer this MoneyConnexion guide to get the idea on how to write & sell your own ebook.

8. Be a Writer

There is a number of web portals which are bridging the gap between the writer and employer. Here, you are allowed to choose your desired project on your desired payment.

You have to mention your bid on your desired project. And employer will hire you.

9. Editors

It’s another Job which fetches the attention of many freelance writers. If you have a strong grip over the language and can do editing, then the field of editing welcome you.

There are many authors who have accomplished Novel and waiting for someone who can edit and make the copy error-free.

10. Monthly/Weekly Magazine writer

if you feel proud to see your name as writer on the bottom/top of the article then writing articles for monthly/weekly magazine can be a great way to turn your hobby into way of income.

There are various magazines which appoints writer on a freelance basis. And writing for magazines can aim two targets earning and fame both at the same time.

11. Letter Writing

There are many firms and companies looking for the letter writer have a strong grip over language.

To write an official letter, you need to use pretty much official language. The profile of Letter writer is also available on a freelance basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick off your career as a Freelance writer and make as much as you want.

I hope the above mentioned points would be helpful to increase your information. If you have some more ideas regarding the above mentioned point, then do not forget to share with us.

This is an guest post written by Pritam Nagrale

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