11 Hot SEO Tips For Blogger Blog – Must Read !!

SEO (search engine optimization) is very important factor for any blog. Proper search engine optimization can rank your blog post high in search result which mean it helps to bring more targeted traffic. In word press you can easily maintain SEO by adding some powerful SEO plug-ins. But in blogger you have to done manually everything to improve your blogger blog SEO. Read these below SEO techniques and apply these SEO techniques on your blog for full SEO optimization. lets check below 11 SEO tips for blogger blog.

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SEO tips for blogger blog

1. Blog title and Blog Description

Well at first make your blog title and blog description SEO friendly. Keep your blog title length in-between 65 character with spaces and write a brief description about your blog in 500 characters. Try to add all subcategory of your blog in this description which will help Google determine some more about your blog. Giving proper title and description is very important in terms of SEO.

How to add? – To add blog description log into blogger account >> dashboard >> Basic >> Description

2.Meta tag and Search description


Add Meta tag and search description in every blog posts. Your Meta tags should be in between 160 characters. It will surely help you to get more search engine visitor. By the way Google already clear they don’t give any importance Meta tags in search result  but other search engine like bing still give importance Meta tags. So don’t take it lightly, give your blog proper Meta tags and give every post proper search description.

Tutorial – How to add Meta tags in blogger?


3.Custom Robots.txt


 Create and add a custom robots.txt for your blog. Robots.txt tells search engine crawlers which post to be index and which are not. Using custom robots.txt you can exclude any particular page or particular category from crawling.

Tutorial – How to use custom robots.txt in blogger blog.


4.Custom robot header tags


 Another important feature in blogger blog, work similar like robots.txt. It also indicate search engine crawler which page to crawl and which are not.

Tutorials – to add custom header tags in your blogger blog

login your blogger account >> setting >> search preference >> crawlers and indexing >> custom robots header tags. Click on edit option do tick mark some field as below image show.

Search preferences

Now you successfully add custom header tags.


5. Add Sitemap in Google webmaster tool


adding Sitemap in Google webmaster tool is very important in terms of SEO. Normally by default sitemap show some recent blog posts only in sitemap. In order to show all posts in sitemap you have to create a new sitemap and add it into Google webmaster tool.

Tutorial – How to add sitemap into Google webmaster tool


6.Show post title before blog title


Mainly when we use default blogger template in blogger blog then in search result show post title after blog title. If we show blog title before post title in search engine we might be loss our keyword base traffic from search engine because of character limitation in search result. That’s why it’s important to show post title before blog title.

Tutorial – How to show post title before blog title.


7. Custom permalink


Make your blogger blog permalink more SEO friendly. Normally our blogger blog post link looks like this – www.yourblog.com/yy/mm/my-first-blog-post-title.html. Now using custom permalink option you can edit your blog posts permalink. You can show only keywords in permalink. Keep in mind when you editing your blogger blog permalink give always ‘-‘hyphen in between words.



8.SEO friendly image


Images can bring traffic from search engine. Give all images proper title text and alt text to help search engine bots index all images in search result.

How to add title text and alt text in images?

After upload any image in blogger post click on that image and go properties section. Now that will pop a box will blank field title text and alt text. Now give every images title text and alt text to make more SEO friendly. See below screenshot –

image properties


9.No-follow External links


Give all low quality content links ‘rel=do-follow’ backlink is very bad for SEO. Now adding no-follow attribute is easy in blogger. When we add any link in blog post there have always an option add ‘rel=no-follow’ attribute just check that box to no-follow that link. See below screenshots for better understanding.

no-follow external links


10. Interlinking


Interlinking is another good tactics in terms of SEO. Do interlink your blog post with old blog posts. It will boost your blog traffic and SERP rank.


11. Improve blog load time


Blog load time also important for SEO. Now Google also clear they give count site speed as ranking factor.  So improve blog load time first choose fast loading and SEO friendly blogger template, then remove external sources JavaScript and CSS files (if you use any external JavaScript in your template for customization), use as less as possible JavaScript and CSS file, add less ads in blogs (Ex- Google adsense ads load with JavaScript which can increase blog load time), Smash every images before upload in blog post and use less widget in blog layouts.

Just input these SEO tactics you can’t get huge traffic to your blog. In order to get huge traffic from search engine to your blog you have to follow these 6 simple steps-

  1. Choose Niche – Do some research, choose less competitive niche.
  2. Keyword Research – Do some keyword research before write any article. Try Longtail PRO (Aff.) for best result.
  3. Attractive Title – write attractive titles like pro bloggers.
  4. Keyword density – Maintain keyword density 2-3%.
  5.  Content – write post for readers not for search engine.
  6. Content length – Write lengthy posts as least 600 words.

These tips surely help you to improve your blog SEO. If you have any query please feel free leave a comment a below. Do share this post on social networking site with your friends. Have a Nice day. Happy Blogging. Friends 🙂

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  1. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Hi Hamim,

    Nice informative article. Search Engine Optimization is the key by utilising it properly we can get a better ranking site. Thanks to you for giving us such a good guideline. It will sure help to increase your post rank in search engines.

    All the best & Keep writing.


    1. Yes swapnadip all above mentions tips are really help to increase your post rank in search engine., its very important do right these basic things.

      Thanks for your valuable comment Swapnadip Bro 🙂

  2. Nice tips about SEO Hamin ! I honestly like this tips for Better SEO Result ! “Blog title and Blog Description” are First part of Blog, Which is usually important for a Blog ! I understand without Blog title and Blog Description A Blog is Incomplete !

  3. Having a good meta description on your website will help search engines show a little teaser on the SERPS(Search Engine Results PageS). In return. will attract people who are searching easily.

  4. @Chelsey

    Attractive meta tags always attract more peoples. But adding to many keywords in meta tags its poor idea. But having good meta description on every posts is always good idea for more search engine traffic.
    Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting here.

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