10 Blogging Communities That Can Bring Huge Traffic To Your Blog

Are you yet join any blogging communities? Read this post why you should join blogging communities? What are the blogging communities? What are the benefits?

blogging communities

Traffic is the main factor for any blog to be successful in blogosphere. If your blog does not attract readers or you are not getting many visitors from search engine; you should try some blogging communities. Blogging communities can bring massive traffic to your blog. In the web there thousands of blogging communities available but not all of them are very useful. Today I’m going to reveal 10 best blogging communities that can bring huge traffic. Before we move further first read little about what are blogging communities? And what are the benefits?

 What are blogging communities?

In simple, A place where you can relate with your like minded bloggers, share each other articles and build relationship with others. Basically blogging communities main goal is help newbie’s whose are struggle to get traffic, give maximum exposure every post and help to build strong relationship between bloggers.

What are the benefits?

Many ways you can get benefits from blogging communities. Some important benefits of them are –

  • It will definitely increase your blog traffic.
  • Its help your blog posts rank high in search engine to get more organic traffic.
  • Sharing your blog post in blogging community will increase your blog Domain Authority.
  • You can meet other blogger and build relationship with them.

10 best blogging community list that can bring huge traffic

 Blog engage

Blog Engage is a premium and worthy blogging community. It is the most popular and most discussed blogging community in bloggers.  It was founded by Brian Belfitt in 2007 now it has more than 4k members.  If you want real and massive traffic then try blog engage, it’s really worth to invest money.

Blog engage standard subscription plan will cost 19.99$ (one time). Join this biggest community and get more exposure your blog posts.


 Indiblogger is a blogging community for Indian blogger and almost all Indian blogger are in this community. Free to join, but they will verify your website after submission. Once you get in you have to manually submit your articles. Indiblogger have some awesome features like indivine, Indirank (a ranking system according to indiblogger), Indispire (inspiring articles),Indimeet (meet with other bloggers offline), Indiforum and many more.


Klinkk is another powerful blogging community founded by Erik Emmanuel. Very easy signup process, but in order to share your blog posts in klinkk you have to vote other posts. For more handy features like automated submission, feature ad show in KlinkK sidebar for 30 days, up to 3 votes per post try Klinkk premium.


Kingged is another blogger community where you can share your blog post category wise. Through kingged you not only get some traffic but also get some valuable comment for your post. But the most amazing feature is you can earn money by commenting on other kingged blog posts.


DoSplash is a new blogging community founded by Jane sheeba (ProbloggingSucess.com). Similarly work as other blogging community work. Its sign up process through signup form is quite lazy it takes 2-4 days to create an account. For instant access use twitter account.


Blogkube is another popular blogging community work similar like other community. Easy Signup and sharing system.


 Inbound is also one famous ad biggest blogging community. Many pro blogger use this; get more vote to show your submitted article into inbound home page.


Manage WP is a Word press related community. If your blog article based on Word press then you should try ManageWP for better result.


Bizsugar is another superb blogging community. Easy signup process But your first submitted article will go through their moderation process once your first article approve then you can submit your next articles.


blogadda is another one biggest Indian blogging community. Many Indian blogger use it me too. Work similar like other blogging community.

 Final Word –

Don’t treat these communities like web directories; just submit your URL and forget that. To get most out of these communities; spend time on these communities, share other blogger posts, do comment on other blogger posts and make friendship with other bloggers then see the magic. If you use any other community which brings more traffic please let me know in comment.

38 thoughts on “10 Blogging Communities That Can Bring Huge Traffic To Your Blog”

  1. Hello Hamin,
    You gifted a awesome list of blogging communities. These communities really works very well for driving huge traffic. I am active in all above communities except blogengage and blogadda. These are working great for me. Want’s to learn more from you and happy blogging.

    1. Hi Sakib,

      Thanks for your comment sakib. Blogging communities really help to bring more traffic; you should try blogengage and blogadda both of this are very good.

  2. Hi Hamim,
    Thanks for offering this awesome list if blogging communities. I am an active member of these blogging communities and getting great result.
    I found your article at klinkk……….. Happy blogging.

  3. Hello Hamim,
    informative post!
    I like particularly the end of the article where you point that people need to join blogging communities and actually participate actively in order to get the most of them.
    Just submitting stories do not bring “automatic traffic”.
    You need to engage, interact, comment and in fact be a part of this community! 🙂

    Thank you for mentioning Klinkk,
    much appreciated!

    1. Hi Erik Sir,

      It pleasure to see a comment on this post from the founder of KlinkK. Thanks for your valuable comment. By the way thanks again for creating such a wonderful blogging community.

  4. Hi Hamim,
    Your post is very good. The explanation on what a blogging community is helpful. Many have not joined any of these communities today because they don’t see the benefits. However, from this post we now know the benefits of joining any of the listed group.

    I am glad to find Kingged.com in this list because its my favorite for now. The platform offers many bloggers the opportunity to increase traffic, engagement, conversion, and earning.

    Truth be told, every blogging community listed here has its unique benefits!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

  5. I am member of Kingged dot com and still I can´t manage to be fully active there.I guess I don´t really need more than one communities.

    That was helpful article btw.
    Thanks for Sharing

    I came from kingged.com and I kingged this post

  6. Hi Hamim,

    Great info you shared about blogging communities which drives more web traffic to your blog websites…………!!!

    I really recommend kingged, blogengage, bizsugar and klinkk for worldwide bloggers and for Indian bloggers indiblogger, writeupcafe and theblogbowl are the best options to gain extensive web traffic for their blogs.

    Thanks for sharing really valuable info……..!!!

    I found this post on kingged.com

  7. Hello Hamim,

    You will be amazed as to where I found this post of yours as well; right on the homepage of kingged.com.

    There is no doubt these are great and beautiful communities but what ought to be understood is the fact that one has be active on them to realize the real potential they offer.

  8. I will agree with you totally about these communities as i am presently a member of almost of all them especially Kingged.com and Klinkk.
    But being a member of these communities is not enough to improve your site traffic, you must engage actively on them to build both authority and friendships.
    Helping others in the community improve their own site will also earn you same karma and your site will also be improve both in traffic and engagement.

  9. Hi Hamim,

    It’s my first time to the site.

    I’m a member of a few of these and love them. I appreciate you offering these posts as a resource. I’ve been learning about a few new ones as well that I’m looking into.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    Don Purdum

    PS – I did find your article on Kingged.com

  10. Hey Hamim,

    You’ve provided a great list of blogging communities. I just started with Kingged about 3 weeks ago and i’ve seen a great spike in traffic to my blog.

    I just signed up for DoSplash about 2 days ago and thought the process would take just a day. Now I feel better that it takes 2 to 4 days to get registered. I thought I did something wrong for a second LOL.

    I also use Blokube and I have been finding a lot of helpful blog posts lately on there. So it’s on my top priority list!

    I make sure I don’t get involved in too many communities. It can be overwhelming! But definitely it’s great to have these valuable offers just in case something chases or if i want to raise the bar in my blogging!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

  11. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Thanks a lot Hamim for writing such an wonderful post. I think that blogging communities always play an important role for increasing traffic of your blog. So each & every blogger should have knowledge about it. Here we will get the opportunity to know more about several blogging communities.

  12. Hi Hamim,
    Nice to read your blog post on blogging community websites.

    The sites mentioned here are wonderful and I am a member to few of them.

    Indiblogger is the one I first joined as a blogging community and though i joined there i was not an active member there in the initial stage but at a later stage i become and active member and do communicate with the members and do participate in discussions etc. and my rank at present there is 85/100 These days I only re-share my pages that happens automatically when I post a new post. Of course by joining there my page views increased a bit more and and very lately i found this wonderful page called kingged and i joined and my traffic flow to my page is tremendous and my limit crossed and i requested for more space. Indeed here i am active and am getting the benefit out of it by tremendous traffic flow.

    Thanks Hamim for sharing about kingged in your post he other spaces are unknown to me i need to do a visit shortly to see the difference.

    Of course since I am getting enough traffic here I think i must satisfied with it Or do you suggest to join more such communities, i am afraid if i join more such communities i may not be able to cope with it or to participate regularly due to the time restrictions~
    What is your suggestion?
    Would like to know.
    Thanks again for your share in this regard

    Keep informed
    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey Hamim I found this informative post at Kingged.com and I up-voted it and shared this comment there,
    Thanks again for your valuable post. 🙂
    ~ Philip

  13. Hi Philip Sir,
    Thanks for your long valuable comment for our readers. Yeah I also join indiblogger but visitor from indiblogger bounce rate is too high. That’s why I join kingged and its really help me to gain some targeted traffic.
    If you have not enough time try some best of them like blogengage, kingged, klinkk. dosplash.
    Again thanks for your comment and up-vote this post on kingged.

  14. Hello Hamim,
    I’ve heard of blogging communities before but never tried any. Anyone looking to increase their blog traffic should promote their blogs on as many channels of promotion as possible. And the blogging communities that you’ve listed in your article look to be really great for traffic generation. So I’ll definitely check them out.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah Mickiyas blogging communities are really helpful for increase traffic. Do share your experience after try these blogging communities.

  15. Thank you so much mate, i really need it to enhance my blog traffic. Started using these sites.. Thanks again.

  16. Hai Hamim.
    I bookmarked this page for future reference. I’m a beginner in blogging. Now i’m focusing on blog commenting. After publishing some handy and quality contents, i will surely use the above tactics.

  17. Thanks for sharing..! All above are the best list of social blogging community which help us to build the both traffic and engage other people in the same area of business. I have tried some of these above community and it was working really well to me.

  18. Hi Hamim,

    Blogging Communities are great resources to drive massive traffic. I use most of them except BlogAdda. Will join this one also to get some extra traffic to my blog.

    By compiling this blog post, you have done awesome job. This post is very useful for lots of newbie bloggers.


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