10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017 (Updated)

Is your website not approved by Google adsense? Or is your website banned from Google adsense?  Try this 10 best Google adsense alternative to make some great revenue like Google adsense. If your website have good amount of traffic you can earn more than Google adsense via these alternatives. 


Here is the list of 10 best Google adsense alternatives 2017 –

#Buy Sell ads – In short a marketplace for publishers and advertiser to buy and sell ads. This is the best adsense alternative ad network. If you have a good amount of traffic to your blog and your blog based on technology or design you should easily get approve. This ad program does not approve sub domain like blogspot.com or WordPress.com

#Infolinks Info-links is another useful advertising network. This ad program approve small web publisher to big web publisher. It has four different types of ads such as in text ads, in search ads, in tags ads and in frame ads. The minimum threshold amount is 50$.

#Media.net Media.net is a contextual ad service program from Yahoo!Bing Network. Contextual ad service means readers will be see advertisement related to the content of the page.  As per quality of ads you have a good chance to earn huge money. This ad program CPC rates are very high you can earn similar to adsense ad program. To create an account you need to invite media.net to check your website. The minimum threshold amount is 100$.

If you signup media.net through my link. You will earn 10% extra for three months. Media.net special Link. 

#Chitika Chitika is another one of the largest advertising network after adsense with more than 300,000 publishers. You can use chikita ad with other ad networks such as adsense ad in same page without violating any rule. In this ad program allow you contextual ad, text and pop up ads on your website.  The minimum threshold amount is 10$.

Read More – Things to do before applying for google adsense.

#ClicksorIt another good advertising network for publishers, they provide many types of ads such as contextual, text, pop up and many more. To earn some good amount from this ad network you need to manage at least 50-60% UK base traffic. The minimum threshold amount is 50$.

#Advertising.com – Another one big advertising network nearly get two million impressions per day. Advertise.com offers various types of display ads, video, mobile ads and some custom implementation as well. The minimum threshold amount is 25$.

#Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is another display advertising program to earn some extra money. It Offer advertisers to directly bid against each other for publisher ad space.  Bidvertiser offer many types of display ads to monetize your blog or website. The minimum threshold amount is 10$

#Kontera – Kontera is similar to infolinks advertising program. Kontera check two main rule (1. at least 50 word per page, 2. no questionable content of any kind) to approve your blog or website.  Kontera offers many types of ads such as Text and Image, Rich Media, Video, Expandable, Customizeable Units. You can earn every click on your blog. The minimum threshold amount is 50$

#Madadsmedia – Another big ad network for publisher. This ad program CPC rate also high, you can see your earning rate in their revenue calculator. Recently this ad program affected by maleware but they recover quickly. The minimum threshold amount is 50$.

#RevenueHitsRevenueHits is an Israeli-based ad network founded in 2008. Their ads are performing based on CPA so you will get money if visitor click on your ads. Varity types to ads are available so you can choose best ad size for your blog. Its support system is quite impressive if you have any query ask them, they will give you reply within 24 hours.

There are many other ad programs such as (tribal fusion, pulse point, Publicity clerks, adhitz, epom market, text link ads,h12media etc.) Don’t need to add all of these ads to your website, just find which one is best for your website. Otherwise you can try Affiliated Program.

14 thoughts on “10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017 (Updated)”

  1. Hey this is Nadir from eClickZ.com one of the top adsense alternatives. Signup now at our website to earn more revenue from your website! You forgot to add us to the list! Thanks!

  2. If you are looking for the best results on CPA CPC CPL and CPM campaigns, I recommend adtomatik.com. Increase your revenue and get worldwide reach!

  3. I have had a very good read through here and there is some fantastic information.
    I personally use Infolinks and Qadabra them seem to be doing a pretty good job although i have found sometimes Qadabra sometimes an annoying popup comes up on your screen about flash player has stopped working and your screen freezes for at least 15 seconds maybe just me i don’t know but all the same they seem pretty good so far.

  4. This Is The Really A Good List, And I Was Enjoying While Reading This Article, But I Would Suggest That Chitika, Infolinks And Yahoo Contextual Ad Networks Are The Best Adsence Alternatives, Thank For The Given Info.


  5. Awesome stuff 🙂 From my own experience Chitika & Buy Sell ads works great.chitika pays high cpc if you are get visitor from country like usa,ca aus.thanks for your adsenese alternative site list

  6. These are some great alternatives to Google Adsense. My favorite alternative would be affiliate marketing. I promote products that are relevant to my niche and make a good income from it. The worst mistake anyone can do is trying to use all of them at once. It’s better to start off with one and keep on experimenting.

  7. Also i use tribaladnetwork.com for my sites with 70$ USA traffic. I earn around 0,20$ per click and in some days earn more because i get paid also for conversions.

  8. Now I am using Google Adsense in my Blog, but I am also trying Kontera in my blog as from various blog I got informed that Kontera is growing better than Infolinks.What do you suggest.

  9. I have tried all the above ads network.. Qadabra was the best among all but they have started the new scam of ignoring all Asian traffic.. I tried many other networks but finally I have found the best among all and it is the Propeller Ads network, which is basically a network from UK. It has been paying me $20-$30 per day for my 3000-4000 daily visitors, even-though I have just posted 3 ads on my site.

  10. Indeed a Great post.

    But according to me, none of the adsense alternative can give the revenue as much as Adsense can give. I haven’t tried all the above alternatives but I tried infolinks and I had worst experience with it. After having huge amount of traffic, I was able to make only 100-200$.

    Because my blog was banned by Adsense. If this wasn’t happened then that traffic can surely make around $2k+.

    That’s why infolinks is far away from Adsense in terms of generating revenue.

    BTW Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Thanks for sharing information, this post is very helpful for adsense alternative choose. i really enjoyed this article

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